Week of August 12, 2009

The fool card in the tarot deck represents the beginning of a journey. It's image depicts a figure stationed at the edge of a cliff, poised to dive into the "unknown". He/she totes only a light napsack, leaving ample room for what may be acquired on the next adventure. The innocence and willingness of this character's spirit frequently reminds me of you rams. That's how capable you are of venturing into new territory, relying mostly just upon your own instinct, courage, and attitude- Even when the leap is more akin to laying down, looking deep, and settling in.

Aries of the Week: Mick Mars

'Tis the season of your finest artistry. As you break new ground, celebrate the re-discovered presence of your spirit. Awaken to an audience of trusting eyes, eagerly anticipating your acknowledgment. Greet the crowd with your total love, recent findings, and latest strengths. Reveal the extent of your deeper considerations, in the playful-est of poses.

Taurus of the Week: Otto Frank

The omens suggest that the time is good-to reveal the purity of your intentions. Tell the simple truth as you see it, twins. The more precise you are, the less beholden to fear you shall be. The louder your voice, the more certainly you'll be heard. Offer up your flaming heart. Let it dangle dangerously in the open light. The high tone of it's note will eventually shatter the glass that contains it, letting the contents flow freely out.

Gemini of the Week: Rupert Everett

Trust yourself, crabs. You are then less vulnerable to : un-truths, poltergeists, paranoias, insecurities, aliens, robbers, cheats, jokers, and pimps. Instead you could have your way with them all. Stay focused this week. Soothe such beasts with what calm faith you so naturally possess.

Cancer of the Week: Rob Breszny

Speak clearly on the behalf of your dream world now, lions. Bring those ideas to the front of the room. While your large suggestions might force change, they are also necessary to obtaining universal peace of mind. Your clear notions can lay the whole family to rest, providing the opportunity to move beyond loss, onto a mellow-er, golden-er plane.

Leo of the Week: Matt LeBlanc

One of my favorite fellow virgos is also my dad. Growing up, I admired the way in which he gracefully managed even the most difficult of people and situations. His forgiveness of others was impressive, to say the least. It was only later that I discovered how much of his pardon was owed to his absolute understanding of their total character. Such recogniton made it easier to fully accept them, while also providing the information needed to gently coax, distract, and lead them.

Virgo of the Week: Richie Ramone

Seek providence this week, scales. From a power greater than your individual self, you shall acquire what strength, wisdom, and energy you currently need in order to travel onward. Spend more time than average in silent reverie, bathing in sun and rain, copulating with nature. Explore the universe, in search for a holiest grail.

Libra of the Week: Brian Johnson

Each time you opt for the greater challenge this week, you will also stay wildly free. For every second you spend being as freaky as you wanna, you shall feel an equal level of deep personal content. Every chance you create to assert your original, heartfelt point of view, you will simultaneously be granted at least one wish. Finally, any opportunity you take to make the bravest choice, so too will you experience a resonating serenity- the type which strengthens the bones.

Scorpio of the Week: Peaches

Let it all hang out, archers. Even if at first your communication is seemingly: un-smooth, seething, or lacking charm, stick with it! With time, your wild expression gives way to precise inspiration, blooming motivation, and sweet sensation. Fear not your raw, unbridled urges. Allow those to prove to what extent they ultimately know the way.

Sagitarius of the Week: the Galileo spacecraft arrives at Jupiter

Which rules should not only be broken, but forgotten altogether this week, goats? The sooner you determine that, the faster the rewards can come pouring through. To be sure that your plans are up to date and in line with the times, review all the current structures, boundaries and dogma. Double check that they still serve the original purpose. If not, seek to bluntly discard the ritual.

Capricorn of the Week: Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom Prison

Consider how best to get your point across. There are several routes you can go. While you weigh the options this week, keep listening to the tides, examining the patterns of stars, and paying intimate attention to your own emotions. That's how you'll determine the most direct, artistic, and genuine ways of being explicit.

Aquarius of the Week: Miguel Ferrer

Carry a scissors with you this week, fish. Make incisions every time you feel an un-necessary and/or stale weight. Assume the total virtue in separating yourself from the problems and worries of others. With no "strings attached" you can keep bouncing all around. Forfeiting pity also leaves proper room for everyone's maximum potential to be at least explored...

Pisces of the Week: NYC'S Roxy Theater