Week of August 4, 2009

Start by liking what you like, moving on to loving what you love. Every time you feel a pang of frustration this week, awareness begins. Let those emotions lead to others, past dense, muddy zones on to more peaceful, clearer pastures. Clue in- to the idea that your own inner turmoil is just a first step towards perfect harmony.

Aries of the Week: "The Grapes of Wrath"

Give up, in, and over, bulls. In shorter words- surrender. Then you can: hold hands with true love ;let him/her/them lead you away from the throes of your labor, enter a state of much longed for relaxation. Lean back and slouch, so you can slide easily into an airy abyss.

Taurus of the Week: "Exile on Main Street"

Give thanks and direct praise, twins. That's not the only way to be admitted to heavenly gates, but it is the MOST certain way of getting in. Say with your heart all the thoughts which are in your head. To effectively communicate with the dreamy inhabitants of this foreign land, spend time learning their less tedious, more intuitive language.

Gemini of the Week: Ben Kweller

Whatever cards you are dealt this week, take your time deciphering the next play. I sense that the stakes are high, so I urge you to go slow enough that you don't miss any of the subtlties, which are key to assuming victory. You know all the tricks, crabs-enough to maneuver your way right around them.

Cancer of the Week: Zoe Cassavetes

Gold is abundant and in your midst. But it's not going to walk over to you. Even though its relatively near, to get at it and bypass rockier terrain, you'll need to levitate upward, beyond such obstruction. The full moon in your opposite sign of Aquarius on the sixth can be of assistance. Follow it's frolicking, free-wheeling flight pattern in order to locate the goods as swiftly as poss.

Leo of the Week: "Little Orphan Annie"

Feed the neighborhood. Feature the "fruit" from your actual and/or proverbial garden. This gesture grants the outer world a chance to experience your newly cultivated powers, simultaneously boosting your faith in those inventions. Unleashing your product to the public is currently pertinent to your most extreme fulfillment.

Virgo of the Week: August Toepler

Scales, may you accept a certain invitation to "come home" this week. I predict that you could use a dose of familiar comfort. Enough of that support should add what strength you will need to maintain graceful balance when back out in the swirling world. Rest a while, among family, before you unleash your latest and most accurate moves.

Libra of the Week: Black Panther Party

Even when everyone else has lost their stamina, rely on your secret reserve of patience, scorp. Chill for as long as it takes to get the message across. Your knowledge is deep and transformative. That understanding could change everything for those daring enough to consider it. But forget about that. Remain poised in your truth- a calm resolve/ respite in the midst of a confusing/chaotic storm.

Scorpio of the Week: Birdie Tebbett

Some battles are most easily won by refusing to fight. Instead watch the birds this week, archer. Sing, dance and do what things you inherently enjoy. Watch the conflict pass smoothly over while you are busier chasing stars, butterflies, woodpeckers and moonbeams.

Sagitarius of the Week: Dickey Betts

Mensa, the constellation known as "the table", is the only group of stars which refer to a specific piece of real estate. This cluster is named after Table Mountain, located in Cape Town, South Africa. Similiarly, your own dreams are in a position to take physical shape now goats. Ironically, your constant investment in the formlessness of existence is what guarantees the sturdiness of your home.

Capricorn of the Week: Cynthia Robinson

Harness no expectation while you travel, water bearers. Act as if you know nothing of what is, was or will be. That's the way to learn what you must. With less focus, become privy to feelings like love and laughter, which gently but effectively remind you of your past wishes, current truths, and future plans.

Aquarius of the Week: Barbara Hershey

Be brave, fish. What-so-ever you do, swim tall. Leap high above the currents. If/when you should find yourself in a "rut", switch up your tactics. Adapt to the climate changes. You are agile enough to withstand shifting patterns. Play with the tides first before surfing them. Get to know those as you would a new pal, learning their secret twists, turns and divets.

Pisces of the Week: Ghandi's "Dandi March"