Week of July 28, 2009

Your fortune does not have to suffer the risks of a random gamble. Rather, it can remain safely within constant reach. Such happiness can be cultivated as opposed to haphazardly encountered. Pursue your education and continue to cultivate all dreams. The doorways to them are thus more easily discovered.

Aries of the Week: Kasturba Ghandi

To take part in the most exciting events of your life, just do what you normally wouldn't. Be not afraid to break from your routine. Stray purposefully from your protocol. The skies predict that in doing so you will make closest contact with your strongest desire.

Taurus of the Week: Jackie Jackson

In the week ahead: Wherever you so freely give, your fear will come undone. Whenever you shine as bright as you are apt to, vision is restored. Dare you unleash your liveliest inner roar, your heart resumes full motion. Should you be so bold as to relinquish your glittering riches, the rewards will be gorgeously exaggerated.

Gemini of the Week: Bounty Killer

When in doubt, trust your imagination. Announce yourself from that remote place, using a mega-phone if necessary. Communicate from your secret zone, i.e. where dreams are invented and remedies are revealed. You don't even have to leave your cozy throne, crabs. Just speak loud enough that we can all hear, please.

Cancer of the Week: Big Ben rings for the first time

Take the time to explain yourself, lions. While the spotlight shines extra brightly upon you this month, take advantage of the attention. Discuss the integrity of your decisions. Expound upon their bravery. Refer to and rely upon your co-cats, those members of your couragesous tribe who live just as fiercely by their hearts. Revel in the support of like minds. Use their strength to represent your potent truths to the community.

Leo of the Week: Steve Carrell

Knowing what you do and being as intimately tied to your labor as you are, there should be no "surprises" this week. Those lovely new entities are just what the doctor (you) ordered. Yep, these are only wishes granted virg, albeit more beautiful and persevering then even your own mental projections.

Virgo of the Week: Chris Tucker

Before you make any impending decisions, hang for longer than usual in the abstract void of your mind and heart. In that gaping hole, theories have a chance to further develop, and you may become properly reacquainted with pertinent desires. Giving both thought and feeling a chance to expand and unwind enables fuller eyesight/ redeems alternative possibilities/rekindles deepest motivation.

Libra of the Week: Guillermo del Toro

Hey scorp, look over here! Now that I've got your attention, let's do some exploring. In homes other than your own lie the keys to happiness and contentment. That's no coincidence either. Let curiosity of "foreign" affairs get the best of you now. It has exotic plans of its own that lie far beyond your guesstimations, but all of which are to your extreme benefit.

Scorpio of the Week: Anne Hathaway

Your vision is extra illuminating, your movement more kinetic than average, and your athletic abilitites enhanced. You are therefore recommended to take advantage of this week's blessing by: exorcising your mind and heart from the obstruction of illusion, traveling to the profound heights of your perception, and bypassing all your rivals in a blatant and agile manner.

Sagitarius of the Week: Paul Klee

Continue to advocate for your own idea of progress. Seize the chance to march straight towards your ultimate goals. Currently you have what stamina and understanding is required to accept that challenge. Fight on, goats, moving in the direction of "home."

Capricorn of the Week: Eli Manning

By simply being yourself, you will capture the object of your fascination. Through flaunting your best game, you will attract the right home. Pose the question, water bearer, in a most direct manner, and you shall incur the answers this week. Approach crowds wearing your style upon your sleeve. Let that speak loudly enough so as to ilicit an equally fresh and authentic response.

Aquarius of the Week: Japan

Fish I pray you maintain the patience, faith and concentration you will need to participate in the fortune of your atmosphere this week. Go slow so as to reduce the habit of running. Think positively in order to outweigh any doubt. Finally, regard the actual fun and safety of your surroundings often. Let your recognition cancel your avoidance.

Pisces of the Week: Javier Bardem