Week of July 21, 2009

Rams, consider this the week of "effective" rebellion. Directing your energy to the appropriate targets: breaks tired cycles forever, permitting you to live, work and play instead with a smoother vibration, a colorful ambience which feeds off of learning, laughter, and love itself.

Aries of the Week: James Woods

What would you do if a certain legend came to your door this week bulls? Would you invite your mystery caller to dinner? Offer a hug? Imagine the details of their visit this week, just in case. Where would they sleep? How long could they stay? Become familiar and/or comfortable enough with your dreams and desires that you'd be better able to comprehend their reality once they materialize.

Taurus of the Week: Chanel No. 5

Offer your loving respect to those who came before you. The leadership you are replacing is proud, stubborn, and tired. But it's also a sucker for your friendship, which is sweet and to the point. Acknowledge their labor and exhibit compassion for their feelings as a symbol of your gratitude. Maintain a humble yet sanguine disposition during the changing of the guards. Tip your hat gently, as you merrily receive the gifts/responsibilites to which you are the rightful heir.

Gemini of the Week: John Nash

Trust yourself, crabs, despite the past events or the current criticism(s). It isn't too late to tell us what you know. Or if you don't feel like saying it, just BE most about what you believe. Act the full part, leaving nothing out of the description. This is a one person show, starring, directed and produced by Y.O.U, which, once performed, will likely demand many an encore...

Cancer of the Week: Ralph Waldo Emerson delivers the Divinity School Address at harvard, discounting biblical miracles and Jesus as "god"

I see you're riding a once-in-a-lifetime wave. Now how do you keep going? Upon consulting your earthly guides as well as the outer rims of the galaxy, I came up with the following: 1: Remember the wisdom, strength, and love of all of your partners, past and present. 2: Keep in mind the various dimensions of the universe, inner and outer. 3:Use a heartfelt grace to achieve fiery momentum and 4: Rely on spiritual truth to resolve earthly matters.

Leo of the Week: Juliana Hatfield

Your brilliant methods are required to show themselves this week, both at home and on the field. When in the confines of your garden, welcome your family and friends to your personal table. When at work, reveal your findings/plans. In both places, your character and ideas remain the same. One is on paper, the other through practice.

Virgo of the Week: John Piere Jeunet

Be that first which you seek outside of yourself. That's a good place to begin negotiations. The more self supportive you are, the more power you'll end up to have in the bargaining process. Trust what you believe in. It is then simpler to maintain the faith of others. Take your ideas as seriously as you wish for your audience to. Lead by coordinated, precise example.

Libra of the Week: Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk"

SCORP: So that your dreams may take full flight and soar to the limitless heights of their being, let go. It is the heart that asks you to take hold and the heart again that asks you to release. As you do so, the energy travels, taking its message abroad, beyond time and space to be reborn again and again within the souls of many. Consider your sacrifice then as an offering to the masses, a chance for the gift of free love to rise, return, and be discovered as true after all!

Scorpio of the Week: NBC's 24 channel radio station

This is as good of a time as any to break through the invisible chains of existence, archer. To ensure movement this week, avoid old temptations and refuse the false whimperings of the ego. Wherever you do so, an enchanted route becomes available, leading you away from danger and into freedom. To maintain full contact with spirit, reduce your needs to their SIMPLEST essence.

Sagitarius of the Week: Catherine of Aragon

You have full creative license. Use whatever means you can come up with to make your case clear. Speak on behalf of the struggle and reveal your thoughts to act in favor of the dream. Include your present observations and elaborate on your ideal future.

Capricorn of the Week: Donna Summer

Find your real family this week, water bearers. But note: With such shape-shifting abilities as this group is known to have, it may be difficult to re- recognize them at first. Use your keenest sense to pursue the softest voices, the subtlest rustling of leaves, and the most pecuiar howls of the breeze to locate them precisely.

Aquarius of the Week: Sao Paolo

The sages claim that as love grows, so too does the shadow of fear. If that's true then I came up with a plan, tailored to suit your own abilities. Start with the idea of inviting the scary one in. Show you aren't afraid to hold it's petrified hand. Then give your darker friend a warm smile, overwhelming him/her with your own light. Reveal your constant patience and your deepest compassion. See if this so called demon does not then melt into your very arms, so happy to be lovingly acknowedged, it becomes willing to at least cooperate, the traditional first step in resolving duaility.

Pisces of the Week: Thomas Moore