Week of July 13, 2009

All roads lead to one this week, rams. Home, that is. The cosmic forces have aligned (whenever you weren't looking,) to see to it that you arrived safely back among us. If you choose to accept our shelter, the fringe benefits are numerous, which include not only room and board but also the provision of a productive creative space. Consider your stay a promise that you might never return (to painful, isolating places) or relearn (old, frustrating lessons).

Aries of the Week: Metro Goldwyn Meyer Studios

Your authority is not in question. We couldn't wrestle that from your hands if we wanted to, even the strongest among us. But this week it is extra important to determine how and in what context you will assert your precious time and energy. While you make considerations as to what cause to lend your solid hand, consider a place where your leadership would be most appreciated. The omens suggest that wherever it is so welcomed just so happens to also be the spot where it can do the greatest, most immediate good.

Taurus of the Week: Maximilllien Robespierre

"All we really need is ice cream, " I overheard a young boy explaining to his grandmother on their way into the grocery store. Similarly, twins, you will require certain delicious food for fodder in the very near future. As the kingdom of your ideas expand, they will also need more land to build upon and extra resources to carry them through. Take that truth into urgent consideration. Gather support by wide- openly honoring it.

Gemini of the Week: Mario Cuomo

Let's make a deal crabs. Agree to do the one thing that is HARDEST and that you are MOST resistant to, and win a grand prize! Give the part of yourself that you normally keep on special reserve and receive a thing ten times at least beyond that in value. Horde nothing. When/wherever you so freely give, doors shall blast open, revealing unusually extended trails, a goldenish-goodness radiating in the distance.

Cancer of the Week: Elvis Presley's radio debut - "That's all right"

There are two magnificent, utilitarian tools on the table before you. One is a rope, extra long, and one is an ice ax, super-sharp. Your challenge is to determine when to use which device this week. The first instrument is best for hoisting, capturing, encircling, enclosing, and binding. The other is good for hacking, penetrating, slicing, cutting and splitting...

Leo of the Week: Joe Jonas

Don't do "more", Virg. Instead meet your friends and foes halfway. This tactic sets them up for partnership, in a round-about, but effective manner. To ensure that your efforts and ideas are totally acknowledged and respected, refrain from working overtime. Instead let the mystery of all your labor begin to be known...

Virgo of the Week: Henry Louis Gates JR

This is one of those rare weeks where you'll be able to have your cake and eat it too. As long as you are willing to admit what it is you'd like to eat, of course. Don't be shy, scales. What personal habits/tastes are you interested in indulging? Pursue them with avengeance. Accomodate your total style. Set your ideal stage.

Libra of the Week: Winnie-the-pooh

Get low to the ground, scorp. Let the beast whisper seductively in your ear, forcing its way into your most intimate space. Surrender to your predator there. Let the hungry monster eat you alive. Recall the tingling glory of being consumed by flames of passion. Catch a fever, and keep it this week. Use it to faciliate a deeper vision/exorcise anguish/establish serenity.

Scorpio of the Week: "Cabaret"

Even the best captains and most astute sailors can never be sure where they might end up once they are out to the rampant sea. Despite using even your strongest navigatory powers, you could still turn up shipwrecked on an old abandoned island...COOL! Archers, if that happens, consider it your fortune. You could use a real vacation, i.e. a chance to sunbathe nude, meet rare and exotic humans, discover brand new things about yourself and the earth's environment.

Sagitarius of the Week: The order of the Dragon

To fully digest the possiblity of a new existence, you must only remain willing to cross the steep bridge that leads to it. You won't be needing any of your books, and not a single part of your research will be of any assistance to you on the journey. Your intuition is enough to guide you along the way, however perilous. Your instinct is all you'll need to survive, whatever the scenario.

Capricorn of the Week: Mike Tramp

A mysterious, familiar bird (that you once set free) has returned home to nest and snuggle with you, enriching your days. In fact, it appears that a whole flock of these fantastic floosies are headed in your direction. I urge you to embrace an opportunity to enliven the atmosphere. It's just the type of entertainment/education you could use a big dose of...

Aquarius of the Week: the first minstrel show in the US

The salmon is the symbol of wisdom among Native american cultures. It is also the fish that is famous for swimming upstream. I trust that's a lot more strenuous than follwing the tides, but I assume it also builds muscle, specifically in the heart region, as it forces the swimmer to confront the strength of the mighty river head on, its own power climbing with each stroke...

Pisces of the Week: Edie Brickell