Week of July 4, 2009

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh declares: "If you practice deep looking your heart will grow without limits, and you will suffer less." Experiment with that maxim this week, rams. As you continue to face profound truths and wild emotions, notice if your life expands before you, pain is reduced and euphoria is more possible...

Aries of the Week: the first seven astronauts to be chosen by NASA

Picasso's GUERNICA depicts the bombing of that city in the Basque country of Spain by Nazi planes, as ordered by communist Franco on April 26, 1937. Amidst the scene of slaughtered animals and children is what critics describe as a "non-savage looking bull", swaying it's tail in the background, a figure which distinguishes it's peaceful self in the midst of war and violence, as if to say "What a bore". At least, that's MY interpretation of what it's personal reaction, based on my comprehensive knowledge of your historically wiser character and ever more innovative ways...

Taurus of the Week: Jean Paul Gaultier

The constellation of the Dove, known to astronomers as "Columba" is a group of stars said to honor the dove that Noah sent out after the flood rains had stopped, to see if it could find dry land. The omen is similar to the shape that your own personal legend is now taking, twins. Likewise, the coast is clear. You may therfore proceed with flying high/flaunting the majesty of your total wingspan.

Gemini of the Week: The US flag

"Crab people are the magicians of self transformation, they can readily adapt to situations they encounter. Shapeshifters extradordinaire, they are just as comfortable barefoot and carefree on the sands of life...They are able to discern any potential threats to their well-being and to extricate themselves from tricky situations. Courage, adaptability, and an independent spirit are crab attributes." Keep this interpretation of your being in mind/at heart/up your sleeve this week, courtesy of Aboriginal medicine theory.

Cancer of the Week: Milton Berle

Michael Grosso, an acclaimed Philosophy professor, claims a finding in his detailed studies of spiritual healers and psychics that they all shared the ability to "feel deeply" and that their "natural, spontaneous open hearted-ness and emotional availability predisposed them to strong psychic abilities, along with other right brained traits: a sense of humor, artistic talent, natural authority and charisma." So just be yourself? RIGHT ON!!!!

Leo of the Week: Sistine Chapel

Certain brands of new age theorists uphold the belief that there are no "mistakes" in life, only a grand, divine intricate design. The shape of it is actually perfect, even if complicated. Challenge yourself to make an effort to not only consider but accept this idea in the week ahead. Do your best to see past the illusion of failure and fault. Let your spirit remember that all is as it should be right now. Such an awareness is likely to open the door to truer learning as well as provide a sense of much needed relief.

Virgo of the Week: Lauren Becall

Doctor Ramachandran, an MD famous for his brain research, claims that a woman's monagymy and a man's polygamy both make "good evolutionary sense." Since a woman invests nine laborious months in the aftermath of reproduction and a man spares only a few minutes (or seconds) of his labor, their goals are opposite and functional. For her it is as important to locate a specific mate as it is for him to inseminate as many as possible. Scales, you are metaphorically challenged to sustain the balance of poles this week, for the purpose of personal development. Determine when and in what context you should be exclusive as well as when it is more appropriate to share your energy with the community at large...

Libra of the Week: Wendy Wilson

There are those that want to love you scorp. But from their perspective, it seems impossible. "It is like trying to have a relationship with a hurricane, " your admirers moan. "Their movements are ceaseless and unpredictable," they whine. Ah, yes but only to the untrained eye and the fearful heart, right scorp? In fact, in truth you are less like a natural disaster and more like an Avatar, or a mythological God who decscends from heaven to live among humans, testing our faith in what lies far beyond our material being, yet deep within our immortal soul...

Scorpio of the Week: Sharon Olds

Astroshaman Franco Satoro, upon acknowledging that his life was a constant battle between two fantasies, simultaneously discovers that he now had the power to choose between the two. "Electing my original fantasy would inevitably impy the gradual undoing and release of the other fantasy." Such is the key to opening doors in your own life right now, archers. Cross one off the list so that you may turn all your effort toward the other. Furthermore, trust that you are fully capable of making such a vital decision.

Sagitarius of the Week: Fritz Lang

Friends and family are always trying to presuade me into working less, cutting back hours, clients, and time spent researching. I understand the loving place they are coming from, but often think to myself that if they only knew how much these things give back to me, they wouldn't worry as much. Similarly, goats, your devotion and efforts act as the gateway to all worlds, human and non. Though strenuous, your labor is also rewarding. You'll rest if/when you need to. Otherwise, continue to find joy, strength, and knowledge in the excruciating nature of your journey.

Capricorn of the Week: Carl Ludwig

Greet and consult your colleagues. These negotiations not only take the pressure right off of you, but also inspire you to higher levels of being. This week, in honor of independence day, liberate yourself entirely from playing certain roles. Change clothes often. Learn the struggles, stories, secrets, and surprises of the other parts. Your spirit is already celebrating just the idea of such a switch...

Aquarius of the Week: Billy Ocean

Nirvana's debut album-"Bleach", took only thirty hours to produce, over a span of one month, at a cost of just $606, eighty percent of the lyrics reportedly being written the night before the band first entered the studio. Over a short time, they also became one of the most popular groups ever to hit the music scene. Similarly, pisces, given the length of your own natrual talent, and the willingness of your heart to dream, you too could do a lot with a "little", starting now. Pay less attention to so-called limitations. Let your breakthrough style speak for it's pure self, proving how little support it actually needs from outside sources.

Pisces of the Week: Bubba Sparx