Week of June 30, 2009

Pyschologists widely agree that the human brain is unequipped to defend itself against only one thing so far that they have commonly and frequently observed. Even the strongest of fears and solid of patterns is apparently helpless in the face of persistence. Batter it down, rams. Continue to lovingly confront the borders within and without, and they shall all soon disappear...

Aries of the Week: the World Health Organization

Learn from your opposite this week, bulls. Your nemesis will arrive in many forms, but each time giving you the distinct feeling of an awareness that complements as much as it challenges you. The more able you are to digest this medicine, the easier certain situations will become. Turn your whole self towards the contradiction. The benefits are magnanimous.

Taurus of the Week: Candace Bergen

After your work is done and business is through, what do twins need? I'm sensing: a plate of home cooked spaghetti,someone to sit quietly at your side while you unwind, a strong hand to lift and carry you to your bed when you inevitably crash from the day's long flight... Your job isn't easy, dear Gemini. But you could at least balance out the stress by taking good care of yourself, i.e. letting someone else.

Gemini of the Week: Charles Rangel

Don't flinch, crabs. Just roll on, maintaining your personal serenity at any cost. Scatter to wherever you must and as swfitly as necessary in order to avoid further drama or delay. Be as light-hearted as you are focused in your attempt to remain "gay". The cosmos reports that you are fully capable of choosing your own happiness at this moment. So dooooo...

Cancer of the Week: Michelle Kwan

It's not so much that you could lead BETTER by love, but it's just that the loyalty of certain followers is more guaranteed. Also, the quality of those who link arms with you is that much higher when you choose to do it this way. Lions, in short, though you might attract admirers and willing participants by the herds with your magnetic charm, you will only capture the true object of your desire, real friendship, and authentic support via a most sincere warmth.

Leo of the Week: Sally Struthers

I noticed you are beginning to understand who you are and acknowledge what that is worth. It doesn't make much of a difference though, does it Virg? In the end, you'll just do what you always have done, upholding your humble standards and peacefully farming the earth and its inhabitants. However, I beg you to consider at least once a day the power of your own medicine, not for the sake of pleasing your ego, but rather for the purpose of building your confidence, which simultaneously maximizes your capabilities, reduces doubt, facilitates speed and increases effectiveness.

Virgo of the Week: Tommy Lee Jones

Ghandi, perhaps one of the most famous world leaders, and also a fellow Libra, claimed of his British opponents that he "wants to change their minds, not kill them for weaknesses we all posess." I agree with this brilliant assertion, but after examining your own competition, I advise that you protect yourself regardless. Speak your word from a safe distance, adjusting your position as such ignorance decreases. But the savage nature of those you wish to enlighten demands the logic of your security. Your strength is necessary to your mission, and must therefore be preserved.

Libra of the Week: the first raincoat is sold

Love comes in many forms, scorp. Remaining true to your heart's command is always the more difficult road to take. But it's also the only path that is guranteed to take you to the other side. This week will be filled with the ups and downs of your inner emotions. Just trust their sentiment, whether painful or pleasant/yes or no. This keeps you and those you love most FREE and on the right track.

Scorpio of the Week: the holland tunnel

You are the only one who could possibly be standing in your way. If that's true, then you are also the only person responsible for your personal happiness and success. With a light as bright as your own, a determination as pointed, and a spirit of adventure as willing, you have what you need to be constantly fulfilled. If you don't believe that at the moment, at least pause to consider the possibility that it may be true. Contemplate...

Sagitarius of the Week: Saki

I urge you to take responsibility only for that which is yours... If, in the process, certain walls come tumbling down, so be it. The chaos that ensues may be wild but it's also necessary for evolution. With the removal of support, there becomes an awareness of it, without which certain harmful patterns would continue to prevail. Where there is uncertainty and change, there will also be glorious understanding.

Capricorn of the Week: the great fire of New Orleans

The Mayans believe that all of the universe is conscious, one massive mind, the goal of which is to synchronize. If I were to hand pick a leader in that movement, it would be you, absolutely. I could offer a whole list of reasons for that choice, among which include your level of awareness, your depth of compassion, and your vision for change and re-volution. You are a model of this higher harmony, I am certain of it.

Aquarius of the Week: the California Gold Rush

A reaction is not actually required of you. In fact, this week the less of that you do, the better. Instead, zone out. Travel to your favorite secret places, inside and out. Stay there until the "war" is over. Give none of your attention to battle. Pay ALL of it to art, fashion, and fantasy.

Pisces of the Week: Rachel Weisz