Week of June 23, 2009

Decide what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of unity. Once you finish brainstorming, you can determine what is then actually NECESSARY to give up. What does partnership specifically demand of you? To be fully integrated into the community, what are you asked to leave behind? Spend your time exploring those questions, observing the answers as well as calculating them, stripping the requirements to their base...

Aries of the Week: Ron Perlman

Gather your strength, bulls. Retrieve your wisdom, courage, willpower, love and determination. Wrap it all together in a massive ball of power. Mold it to perfection. That's a symbol of your reconstruction/resurrection of spirit , which, for the time being, should be left hanging, suspended in time and space, admired for it's enduring beauty, most of which you and I had all but forgotten the total weight and impeccable structure of...

Taurus of the Week: Buckethead

Persistence is key. However, it's only as important as your decisiveness. Twins, your target will only be effectively reached if and when you are as direct in your approach as you are relentless. Working in conjunction, these two devices are invincible. But each without the other, working alone, is less than fully potent.

Gemini of the Week: "Uncle Tom's Cabin"

"Women have strength because they own their emotions," claims one of my favorite cancerian clients, something he concludes after years of being the child of a Brazilian mother power-house. I whole-heartedly agree, and have only to add that all humans, man or woman, build muscle when they confront their own feelings as well as take responsbility for them. Keep that idea in mind this week crabs. You've got your work cut out for you...

Cancer of the Week: Camille Pissaro

What's the part of you that you're saving for yourself, cats? As painful as it might be to relinquish, it's the ONLY way to paradise. Yep, there's no way to conserve that last bit of you if you want the bigger pie. That's the deal. Give it up-pronto. You won't be sorry.

Leo of the Week: the first "All Star" major league game

You must be willing to fight for home and country, virg. As long as you let no one deter you from your point, you'll persevere. Along the way there will be helpers as well as thiefs. It's up to you to notice the difference and act accordingly. To do that, remain extra close to your inner voice. Heed without question it's requests, warnings, commands...

Virgo of the Week: Francisco de Quevedo

Step right up,scales. There is a spot for you at the head table. We've been saving it for you. Now that you're here, make a toast why don't you? Congratulate yourself for arriving, greet your fellow friends and musketeers, express your gratitude, and enjoy the colorful guests in your midst...

Libra of the Week: Jeremy Miller

There's a reason for everything...As vital as it is to know those, it's also crucial now to burn the evidence. That's the only way to start over, scorp. Drink the peaceful tonic of forgetfullness. Be lulled by it's promise that you may begin again, despite the pain, the torment, or the agony. There is a new horizon up ahead. Make a conscious effort to turn towards that/away from before...

Scorpio of the Week: Ryan Reynolds

Behold the brilliance of the archer! Alas, you have scaled a certain mountain. There will be more to climb. Such is the inevitablility of our human journey. But pause for a moment, however brief, to mark the occasion of your triumph. Dangle for a while in total glory. Bathe indulgently in its overwhelming success.

Sagitarius of the Week: Tycho Brahe

You knew it all along, didn't you goats? Well gloating would be contrary to your character as well as counter-active to your cause. So instead of saying I told you so, simply embrace your victory. Take it by the hand, and reel it in. Slow dance with her before you turn back to your work. Take this opportunity to reveal what deep level of compassionate understanding you possess.

Capricorn of the Week: ACLU

I pray you are as able to accept your own personal beauty as much as you may enjoy that of others. Your desire for company will be in direct proportion to your appreciation of self. The more you worship YOU, the greater the chance that you can experience the divine nature in your presence. Begin within.

Aquarius of the Week: Heather Graham

For the sole purpose of revealing the wayward illusions of ego, I have a few simple exercise for you fish this week. Every time you want to run, don't. Whenever you feel "disregarded", be glad. Neither avoid nor overly concentrate on the SELF. These minimal tactics will begin to unravel truth, yield prophecy, facilitate rich human bonding.

Pisces of the Week: Pepe Romero