Week of June 17, 2009

How, exactly, will you eliminate your "rivals" this week, rams? While you consider the options, keep in mind the not so obvious but oh- so- powerful methods of cool-ly unleashing your magic powers without ever engaging in battle. Instead of fighting to be heard or seen, dress the part. Display your feathers as openly as a peacock. Let your colors speak for themselves. Rather than convincing your friends or family of your point, invite them over for a cocktail party, letting what food, drink, and atmosphere you construct communicate your spirit, zest, and flavor for life.

Aries of the Week: Astrodome

Claim your heart's desire, bulls. Don't wait for someone to tell you how or when to do that. Take ownership of the moment. Tuck it safely, lovingly under your arm, escorting it giddily to your home, where you can enjoy each other most fully. Lounge with it's fruit in your lap, nibbling sporadically on it's sweet juices, gazing into it's googling, limitless eyeballs.

Taurus of the Week: Mr. Biggs

Does the universe have your full attention, twins? You're about to see something you've never seen before..To fully experience this powerful new truth, begin a week long cleanse. Throw the past into healing fires. Watch those burn away all your previous notions about yourself, love, and the world. Without such mental restriction/pre-occupation, it'll be easier to make contact with what shines in glory before you, inviting you to dance.

Gemini of the Week: DJ Dmitri

Your sentiments are getting lost in the shuffle and the muffle, crabs. This week, if/when the microphone ends up in your hand, turn up the volume! With whatever fervor you posess, declare your ideas wide-openly. Sing the wild tune that is humming in your soul. The public will be as much shocked as they are relieved at it's precision, strength, and promise.

Cancer of the Week: Jimmie Walker

As long as you are willing to sit still for long enough, the universe can administer some powerful medicine, tailored specifically to the needs of the wild lion. Lay motionless, cats. In a moment, healing hands will descend upon you, taming the fires of your heart, and calming your spirit with their cool touch. Your passion, when tempered with acceptance, may add peace to your powers.

Leo of the Week: Micheal Richards

In my humble opinion, the most effective salespeople are the ones that don't actually try to sell you anything. Besides, virg, why would you need to solicit your services? The proof of your abilities is inherent in the framework of your life's design. Continue to respect yourself and your creation and you will naturally attract support-in the form of willing partners, eager students, agile team-mates.

Virgo of the Week: Johnny Appleseed

In order to resolve the drama, you must first fully remove yourself from it. Even better, forget about it entirely. Instead, re- immerse yourself in the world of your imagination, bathing in the teeming waters of it's fierce creativity. This also gives the universe a chance to sort some things out in its own time, re-balancing your personal efforts with it's own.

Libra of the Week: Danny Boyle

Get your kicks this week, scorp! Enjoy every moment, taking the good with the bad. This is one of the benefits of being born with a heart as big as your own. There is plenty of room for understanding, allowing you to engage with the big, the bad, the bold, and the serious without fearing the change that is a guaranteed result of such intercourse.

Scorpio of the Week: Bill Wyman

You can either: give in to the slippery slope of paranoia and propaganda OR not. It's that simple, archers. Beyond the dark, confusing clouds, there is a shift. Make a conscious choice to consider another reality. That's all the go ahead needed by the cosmos to show you something new and different. Make it your unyielding intention to focus past the haze and the illusion of it will soon dissolve.

Sagitarius of the Week: David Mamet

Align yourself to the natural rhythm, goats. Doing so will increase support as well as enhance your navigational abilities this week. Follow the constant motion of the moon, which never stops in its attempts to wield. Weave a web for the sake of protecting those you love, securing the precious structure, and providing a space where you and others may safely exchange your true feelings...

Capricorn of the Week: Robin Guthrie

Exisiting this week as a water bearer will be a lot like looking in a mirror or watching a movie, the appearance of the reflection dependent upon your own level of awareness. The more your thoughts and philosophies are challenged this week, the more alive you will feel. Every time you are surprised by what image stares back at you, you are that much closer to obtaining the freedom of gods.

Aquarius of the Week: Zach Cordon

Imagine it's just you and your poetry this week fish. Let the whole world cease to exist except for your hopes and dreams. Get back into the habit of using your sixth sense, please.. Recall what it can do that the other faculties can't, how it is capable of not only diverting disaster but also cultivating joy at a moment's notice.

Pisces of the Week: MC Solaar