Week of June 8, 2009

Have a laugh on us this week, rams. You are in need of some comic relief right now. It's the perfect form of support after all the battles you've been fighting lately. Lean back, and relax enough to renew your sense of humor. The effect is nourishing and developmental, providing fortification as well as what fuel you'll require to move forward.

Aries of the Week: Teddy Pendergrass

Feeling lonely, bulls? Then I suggest you take the next trip to the jungle, where things are always teeming with action. It's just the type of scene you could benefit from right now-A place where adventure is inevitable, characters are inspiring, the pulse of life is in your lap. At the least, that type of party will take your mind off of things. At the most, it will rock your whole world/ alter your perspective completely...

Taurus of the Week: "Mrs Dalloway"

The world could use some of your extra buZZ, twins. Why not open your heart/doors to the masses? Feed the plants, animals, and peoples with your electric love. The fates predict that doing so will cast your destiny in a new direction, opening the paths to earthly freedom while securing your celestial powers. By sharing your dream, you are exponentially more likely to find "home", that place you so consistently desire.

Gemini of the Week: World Ocean Day

Crabs, your absence is a real drag. It's boring without your magic, lonely without your love, meaningless without your wisdom, and stupid without your romance. Did you know that without the thread of you, the whole design is hollow? Believe it when you hear it this week cancers. Have mercy on our souls, and then take your personal worth into serious consideration...

Cancer of the Week: Buju Banton

There are worse fates than being assasinated, lions. Even as president of the zodiac, there's still no good reason to fear your own death. As long as your examples make a remarkable difference, shine in the spotlight of bravery, and are unmatched in their loving compassion, let them shoot you down. Your enemies will only increase your popularity and exaggerate your effect. Besides, you'll recover. You cats ALWAYS do.

Leo of the Week: Charlie Sexton

You are required, as tribal chief, to not only keep your garden clean, but also to maintain it's vibrance. For that you'll need: self confidence to act upon your will, inner strength to plant the length of your seed, full conviction to harness the power of the universe, and finally a sunny/sassy disposition to lighten the potential burden of your righteous determination.

Virgo of the Week: Bernie Sanders

Let your vision unfold, scales. Unveil your secret-est identity, at the dinner table, in the office, to your lovers, and while walking the dog. Proclaim your boundaries openly, shamelessly exhibiting your ideas in their clearest form. This method not only releases long standing pressure, but also gives the community a chance to discover the true health benefits of your precise specifications.

Libra of the Week: transistor radio

Warning: if you don't do it, the universe WILL. Make the incision. You need breathing room, dudes. Stay close to your instincts this week so that you are absolutely certain of where your TLC is truly needed, as opposed to the places it's being used as a safety blanket. Keep enough personal/meditative space that you may constantly and momentarily discern the difference. Your life and their future progress depends on it.

Scorpio of the Week: Veronica Lake

May the divine powers bestow you with what strength you need to cease the entertaining/feeding of those aspects of your life where you no longer feel passion. Your lack of zest may be influencing your aim, archers. For the sake of clarity as much as your own personal enjoyment, don't waste your energy. Instead of summoning a false enthusiasm, turn your attention towards those areas that more naturally motivate you.

Sagitarius of the Week: Caroline Kennedy

Lay down the law, goats. You have what experience and knowledge is expected to ensure your authority. Once you build the proper walls, they'll seem less confining. In fact, they become highly functional, in active service of attaining the overall goal. Your truths are a shelter this week- providing safety and permitting productivity via their unwavering positioning.

Capricorn of the Week: E.M. Forster

Pay attention to the stars this week, water bearers. Let others bathe in the muck and yuck while you keep your gaze securely fastened on the vast / inspiring heights. Make love to those glittering fascinations, fully engaging in their lyrical mysticism. By frolicking in fields of fun, you shall attract a slew of followers, disproving the myth that you need be alone on your magical journey.

Aquarius of the Week: Isabel Peron

Don't look back fish. Swim with the tides, not against them. There is a non-threatening river up ahead, trying to catch you in it's flow. It's a nice change from the constant torment of the sea, still adventurous but more serene. To restore your heart's vision to it's fullest, such floating is necessary right now. Submit to peaceful waters...

Pisces of the Week: John Turturro