Week of June 1, 2009

Surviving natives believe that all forms of "apocalypse" may be avoided entirely by restoring what is referred to as the sacred circle of life. With respect as their primary mending tool, they continue to strive towards the creation of unity, believing that such harmony can avert us from all disaster. Similarly, rams, your own clean get away depends on your level of devotion to the greater community. Make decisions this week which contribute to the overall design of light and beauty. Be persistent as well as pious in your attempt to demand such daily ritual.

Aries of the Week: Shearith Israel, the first synagogue in NYC

There are some days when, gazing out at Lake Travis from my front yard, I wish the vultures would swoop me up. Not so much for the purpose of devouring me, as they are known to do, but just to cruise around with them for a while, high and free in the open skies. Careful what you wish for, bulls. Your fantasies are bound to translate into reality this week. The fates will do their best to make your dreams come true, past and present. Try to see each situation this week as such a divine intervention.

Taurus of the Week: Edward Lear

It's an ideal time to make a choice, twins. I predict that if you dedicate yourself to one particular course of action, levels of anxiety will dramatically decline, causing you to experience new brands of ecstatic vision and sensation. Turn your focus/attention towards the present moment. This will assist you in achieving enlightenment regarding where to place your un-divided energy.

Gemini of the Week: Anne Heaton

Be as bold as possible this week, and more importantly, make an effort NOT to rescind your offer. Let your fear push you forward into the magic of power-filled transformation, as opposed to hurling you backwards into old oppressive patterns. Lean directly into your hesitation. See where your uncertainty leads you. Suspend your need to know where you end up. Let blissful surprise interrupt you instead.

Cancer of the Week: Taboo

Change clothes, cats. It's not too late. Don the apparel of one that is humble, yet utterly sensational. Communicate that you are willing to learn more as well as see the total expanse of things. Flaunt your fierce but compassionate heart. Lay yourself on the L-i-N-E. The very least you will gain is a thorough knowledge. The specific benefit of your total embrace, however, is beyond even my far reaching abilities to determine :)

Leo of the Week: NASA's Phoenix

Virg, you are the most studious among us, a living library of our world and natural environment. This week you will be called to step away from the books and information piles in exchange for some more hands on life experiences. To prepare, turn towards the spotlight. I predict you will feel more comfortable in that place than you might have guessed. All your wisdom/know- how may finally be brought to glorious, burning life.

Virgo of the Week: H.L. Mencken

Before you give an answer, consider the idea that you are a leader. There are many onlookers who will take what you say and do to heart. That news is not meant to cause panic, scales. It's just to remind you that a few eyes and ears are upon you. This week you'll have more than one opportunity to set the tone. Use such chances wisely. Follow the advice of the ancient sages, who assert that the only thing of true importance is that you are consistently making a statement to the universe of who you are.

Libra of the Week: Sai Baba of Shridi

What's a scorpion without a stinger, anyway? I leave it to you to make the discovery this week. But suffice it to say that without the venom, other things are possible. For example, it is easier to make love without a protruding barrier. Also, without the controlled focus of it's sharp point, it becomes less difficult to float/fly. If your personal power becomes detachable, you aren't as beholden to it. You may choose when/how to use it and take responsibility for it, leaving the rest of space and time to openly wander.

Scorpio of the Week: the first European to be shipwrecked in Texas

Buena Vista social club band leader Ry Cooder says it is tough to find a good percussionist, as it demands such a light and gentle touch, a diamond in the rough of musicians. He also divulges later that usually the best drummers are the ones who aren't really "aware" of what they are doing. Similarly, archers, trusting your instinct blindly will let you keep perfect timing.

Sagitarius of the Week: Cindy Birdsong

Where is the blind spot? Once you locate it, please dismantle as soon as possible. Consider such ignorance to be a time bomb, threatening to destroy the path to future freedom. To totally and permanently remove the blockage, you'll have to be: direct, unnerved, patient, ruthless, and lucid. Penetrate through the walls which separate you from your total existence, then let them come tumbling, crashing down to the ground.

Capricorn of the Week: Julian Bond

You don't need a reason to be free, silly. You were born that way! Similarly, you need not seek love and approval from others. For it has already been divinely bestowed! Keep those thoughts firmly in mind water bearers. Shed all out-dated forms of propaganda from your mental slate. Begin fresh, like a newborn child. See the world as it initially is; filled with endless opportunity and brimming potential.

Aquarius of the Week: Kelly Rowland

Shine from within, fish. Let others be witness to the certainity of your light. Radiate your being, it's ups, downs and in-betweens. Once you decide to fully submit to the wild ride of your own soul, you will more easily obtain the inner sense of stability you seek. Give yourself first the respect you wish to get. That gives you and everyone else a clearer idea of what you mean by this.

Pisces of the Week: Ibrahim Ferrer