Week of May 26, 2009

A long as you stay close to the moment, no one can F--- with you. Your intimate connection to such live energy is what keeps you gliding smoothly, unperturbed, past certain inevitable obstacles. Even the most monstrous of those can be bypassed when you are fully present, acting immediately on what awareness you are having.

Aries of the Week: Dannica Patrick

You WILL have to defend your rights as well as your opinions this week. However, it's clear that the most you'll actually have to do is pull the boxing gloves OUT, without ever putting them ON. Just show everyone that you're serious, ready and willing to stand by and for your cause. Exhibit that with your posture, show it in your moves, display it in your personal style and the battle is easily won.

Taurus of the Week: Sugar Ray Leonard

Say it loud and proud, twins. This week, to kick off your birthday season, may you stand tall and say it all. Celebrate yourself in a flamboyant, unrestrained manner. Pursue your every throbbing whim. Shimmy and shake your way through the day. Hum at high volume while cruising excitedly through the streets/halls.

Gemini of the Week: Melissa Etheridge

There's not a thing you can do to prevent the situation from exploding in your lap this week, crabs. But why would you want to? I suggest you enter into that scene willingly, with the understanding that giving in to a greater, stronger force would ally you with its powers. Besides, the more you try to regulate this wild wave of love, the greater the chance that it will totally wipe you out.

Cancer of the Week: Cecily Von Zeagasar

I decorate my house every day, arranging and re-arranging the scene so that it is always new and different. It keeps things fresh and current, a constant reflection of the ever shifting energy, a representation of my own personal speed of growth. I advise you to play around in your own environment. Consider your home a stage which inspires as well as informs you, motivates as well as protects. It's just the type of constant challenge you lions so deserve/love.

Leo of the Week: Bertram Mills

Bring your tools/sewing kit/surgical items this week Virg. It looks like you'll have to do some specific repair, particular mending and precise incision. You'll have your work cut out for you right away so gather your supplies and all other necessary forms of assistance now. Swift but steady, come prepared. Then you may fully concentrate on the creation of miracles.

Virgo of the Week: Jack Daniel

With the right mindset, every day can be filled with learning, scales. As long as you stay open to the process, which includes the surrender of stereotype as well as the suspension of judgment, you may have complete access to all incoming news, such as current events, future forecasting, and past trends. Simply remain the eager, detached student and you shall acquire a vast wealth of information.

Libra of the Week: University of Punjab

All is new this week, scorp. As the magic of the season unravels, you will be particularly privy to its rewards. My advice is to refuse any temptation to control the process. Be yourself, strong but ready to face whatever comes. When in doubt, trust your gut. That's the fastest and most relaible way of discerning whether you should let it in or kick it out.

Scorpio of the Week: "Like A virgin"

What are you craving? Begin your search there. Next examine why. I predict you will/should spend most of your time there, coming up with the full answers. Not only is it more difficult to ascertain the reasons for things, but it's also more necessary to gain fulfillment. So take your time on this crucial step. Give it your full, undivided attention.

Sagitarius of the Week: Lou Rawls

In my opinion, the best captains are the ones who salute their former captains, co-captains, and captains to be. In your gratitude, you please the gods of karma, in your willingness to teach you cultivate the security of your vision for the future generation, and in your open-ness to learn, you can expand your awareness to its fullness. See what I mean?

Capricorn of the Week: Crazy Horse's last battle at Wolf Mountain

I have always suspected the extremes. Though they carry a lot of truth, to live them has always seemed to be the unwise choice. I strive instead for the healthy blend, the perfect combination of black and white, right and wrong, dark and light. Somewhere in the middle ground serenity awaits. Between the poles of opposition, there lies what I call reality, comforting in its solid truth, hopeful in its electrical honesty, yet perpetually open to growing...

Aquarius of the Week: Johnny Rotten

I predict that this week you'll have the power to steer clear of all types of manipulations, emotional and otherwise. To properly imagine what I mean, pretend you are floating through space. In that place you cannot carry weight. Stay light of mind and being. You shall thus successfully avoid earthly traps and unjust tricks...

Pisces of the Week: Stephanie Mills