Week of May 8, 2009

WOW. Hear those bells? They are clanging to welcome you. Be not afraid of their excitable sound. Maybe you aren't used to being acknowledged in this way. But, warriors, the truth is you deserve the praise, glory, and love that awaits you. As long as you can stand to believe that, you can have full rights to the celebration in your honor, scheduled to take place as soon as possible.

Aries of the Week: the metropolitan museum of art

Hopefully, when no one is looking, you'll get some time to slip out of the back door and steal away. There's a gorgeous view just around the corner, which provides the peace of mind you'll need to handle what next load you choose to carry. In that secret-er place, you gain access to private dancing and dreaming time, which will indirectly assist you in solving certain mysteries/doing what is best.

Taurus of the Week: Mickey Mouse's first cartoon-Plane Crazy

Let me start by saying that the Goddess herself is beaming with pride at what brave decisions you continue to make for the sake of togetherness. Now, as you face one of the greatest challenges to date, let her offer some wise advice. It is best, as you prepare to greet your fears and/or weak spots, to bring with you a sense of humor as well as a sober piety. Utilize these opposing forces to pass through even the densest jungles of communication.

Gemini of the Week: Nikki Giovanni

This week is all about trading. . First I advise you take note of what goods and services you have to offer. Then decide what you need. Lastly, locate the source. Where should you go to make the switch? HINT #1: the more thorough you are in your completion of the earlier tasks, the simpler the final transaction ends up to be. HINT #2: the more shameless you are regarding what's in deficit in your own life, the easier it'll be to obtain it.

Cancer of the Week: Gertrude Bell

I once had a psychic reading from "Carol Ann", where she informed me that not a soul on earth would be there to support or understand me in the year ahead, but that it didn't matter. I'd still accomplish what I needed/wanted to anyway. The omens suggest a similar story for you right now lions. Allow me to be slightly more aggressive in my own clairvoyance and suggest that the more time you waste standing around waiting for approval and/or a hand, the longer it'll take to meet your highest goals.

Leo of the Week: IBM personal computer

Whatever you do, keep talking. Don't shut up or shut down. It would be counter-productive to edit the flow of your words, thoughts, desires, etc. Instead let them run from you like a river, freeing themselves and emptying you of all angst. As you bubble over, you'll then remember what you thought you forgot, recover what you were sure you had lost!

Virgo of the Week: Dorothy Parker

No more crying, scales! The astral tides predict there couldn't be a better time to dry your tears and look up. While you wave goodbye, you are also saying hello to an exciting new type of existence. This week do less planning, strategizing, and manipulating, and more daydreaming, partying, and zoning out. Everything will work out, as long as you "let" it.

Libra of the Week: Jon Secada

Keep at it, scorp! Chip away at the layers until you crack the code. You'll know you've done so when illusion shatters into a million and one pieces. In other words, your heart will break, right there in your chest, so that you never ever forget the feeling of pure enlightenment. It is likely to be as blissful as it is agonizing, requiring that you let go for as much as you embrace...

Scorpio of the Week: Mary Travers

Disregard all your pre-conceptions, archers. The less of those you travel along with, the clearer the circumstances can become. With a fully open and receptive mind, what's been blurred gains focus. Breathe deep until you get the hang of it, remaining unattached to your thoughts and feelings in order to come upon the newest and most up to date version of the "truth".

Sagitarius of the Week: Phife Dawg

Socrates was a controversial philosophical figure, perhaps one of the first noted in history for acting out of principle. I'll let you do the research on your own, goats, but suffice it to say that you too are in a position to tell your own story, reveal the secret method of your personal virtue, and exhibit what you are more than willing to sacrifice for the sake of your top priorities.

Capricorn of the Week: Stephen Stills

It's time to take care of business, water bearers, some new, some old. You might as well go ahead and make a semi-official announcement hearalding your return to the board-room. You're the boss, just like always. Only now you've got stronger, sharper tools that enhance your efficiency, increase your speed, and target the relief of specific pressures.

Aquarius of the Week: the US weather bureau

You're like a little kid in a secret castle this week, fish. Have fun exploring the crevices of this hidden treasure, and please take your time. Leave no area uncombed for precious goods. Whether you take this to mean a literal person, place or thing, the above metaphor can be applied. Actively search for value, meaning, light and love in every corner.

Pisces of the Week: Ezra Jack Keats