Week of April 27, 2009

You are about to give the term "pioneer" a whole new meaning this week, rams. My best advice is to keep believing in the miracle taking place, remaining present enough to receive its full rewards. No battle is required. In fact, the less fight the better. That way you are more likely to float upward in your descent.

Aries of the Week: Paul Robeson

Stick to the facts right now, bulls. Be honest as well as concise in your communication. Do your best to express your most recent enlightenment. Let your artistic side begin to come fully out this week. Be as patient as you are pushy in your attempt to express self.

Taurus of the Week: Pete Townshend

Pack your bags, twins. I see some travel in your future. And even if that's not exactly physically true, it looks like you are bound to do some major wandering in the spiritual sense. Fly on, fierce angel birds. While you roam, you'll get a chance to (re)experience your total wing capacity.

Gemini of the Week: Femi Kuti

Lighten up, crabs. According to the omens, you are about to experience the following in a great abundance: fun, fortune, friends, and family. Look directly forward to the pleasantness of those surpirses, which are not so much a result of chance, but more a consequence of your previous loving efforts.

Cancer of the Week: Merv Griffin

I'm sure even the most ferocious of you lions come across things that scare you. Well this week you will get the exclusive opportunity to overcome certain fears. To do that, first embrace your own powers and their potential to transform. Penetrate the forces of "evil" by aiming your solar rays directly at your target. All will then melt blissfully into one warm ball of light.

Leo of the Week: DJ Spinderella

You ain't no holler back girl/boy. That's just a myth. The truth of the matter is that you do what you please WHEN you please. This week will herald the beginning of your most rebellious cycle of the year. I encourage you to swim against the tide while huming your favorite tune. Sing the story of your unique heart, which automatically breaks any law that doesn't totally jive with it's natural beat.

Virgo of the Week: Hans Zimmer

As children, my sister and I would perform for my father's biker friends long after midnight, complete with costume, to classic eighties tunes such as "Like A Virgin" and Beat it". To this day, we can be found dancing on bars and gathering the enthusiasm of the crowds before us. What kind of skill have you cultivated over the years, scales? Take stock and put it to use. I predict there could be no better time to do so.

Libra of the Week: Spike Jonze

In the absence of communication, confusion may arise. Clarity may also take place. It just depends on how you look at it as well as how patient you are willing to be. A period of gestation might not be a bad idea right now. While you disconnect, others have a chance to figure out what it is you've been so desperately trying to say...all on their own.

Scorpio of the Week: Rolling Stone

Assert yourself, archers. And if your neighbor doesn't hear you, speak a little louder. Turn up the volume until they take notice of your individual style. I advise you to push it, insisting to lead others by way of your instinct while simultaneously abandoning any attempts to defend your personal vision. Imagine you are a high speed train going in one direction, blazing a path you are absoultely certain of...

Sagitarius of the Week: Patrick Kane

Would you like to join me for a drink capricorn? I think you need a nice night out on the town. You're so great with people, and excellent at slow dancing. You'd definitely be a prime choice for a fun and romantic date. Hint: if such an opportunity should pop up, seize the day.

Capricorn of the Week: Bernard Summer

I won't lie. This week will at first be less dreamy than it is difficult. At the start it will feel like you are an elephant passing through the eye of a needle. But I predict that this is all just to foster concentration, challenge your ability to learn and adapt, and focus your sights. That's all quite painful at first, but life-giving in the end.

Aquarius of the Week: Juice Newton

Pretend like no one can read your mind, fish. Then imagine there are herds of people waiting on your thoughts, as if they were the only words worth listening to. Both those ideas are true actually, and the more used to the concept you can get this week, the more conditions will improve. Specific dreams may fully manifest, but only after you take full ownership of them...

Pisces of the Week: Chief Jospeh of Nez Perce