Week of April 17, 2009

The end of your birthday season also marks the beginning of an entirely new cycle. Once all the celebration is over, the task of the year can make itself known to you. This marks the start of a more efficent phase, with less time spent learning old lessons, or putting out false fires. Instead you may use what energy you have to re-organize your priorities, feed your specific dreams, and engineer their design.

Aries of the Week: Doris Day

I noticed you've been musing as usual. While you daydream, throw this tid-bit into your boiling pot of thoughts and philosophies. Consider the possibilties of changing the rules, loosening your collar, beginning with an empty mind and heart, vulnerable enough that anything could happen. With no expectation, opportunity is freed up. If you suspend your boundaries, even temporarily, the gates to fulfillment will most likely part, and let you inside.

Taurus of the Week: Thelma Houston

What's the story twins? Listen in and then regurgitate it, in a back and forth motion, like a rocking chair. Follow the twists and turns of this exciting tale by the curious beats of your heart. While you divulge the experience, it becomes clear to your audience, who eagerly awaits the outcome, that not even you are certain where this will end up. That makes the whole idea of living seem a lot more bearable, if you ask me. If it's true that it's all just happening as we speak, that gives us every reason to go on/ continue our live purusit of the mysterious breeze.

Gemini of the Week: Jonathan Pryce

Once you remove your clothes, everything feels a little better. And then after you start getting used to the idea of total nudity, you'll start to feel extra good. For one thing, it's not so suffocatingly hot in here without all those added layers. As well, you can show off your beautiful bod, complete with luscious curves and sexy edges, which long to be seen in the light of the day. The whole process is at first frightening, then giddy, eventually gleeful, and finally, triumphant.

Cancer of the Week: Muhammed Yunus

You're the ruler, right? That's what I was told. Well to win your people over this week won't be easy. First of all, don't flinch. Embrace the challenge. Secondly, don't hesitate once you are sure of what moves to make. Lastly, be sincere. Stay honest with yourself no matter what the cost to your personal ego. Your happiness and the security of your future and family is on the line here. (No pressure)

Leo of the Week: Macbeth

To go beyond the borders of the moment, you'll just have to turn all of your healing powers upon yourself. That way you can discover the remedies you'll later offer back to the world outside your office/lab. For now, become your own nurse and doctor, tending to your wounds, rocking yourself to sleep, showing compassion and patience while you sweat it out. In the process of cleansing, you'll also invent the solution. When it comes time to unleash your loving touch, you'll have what knowledge you need to most properly aim.

Virgo of the Week: Itzhak Perlman

This week it will be highly possible to faciliate optimal health at the same time as you empower and communicate your vision. For swifter results, maintain a pure faith. This is the necessary foundation upon which all such miracles are built. As well, remain open to assistance. Release what doubt and suspicion may have been preventing you from seizing the helpful outstretched hand before you.

Libra of the Week: the world series is broadcast on the radio for the first time

Continue to seek the answers from within. While that process may seem like less fun than other tasks, if you stay focused enough to learn everything there is to know, you'll be permanently released from what force has been keeping you in the corner. It's common knowledge how unhappy the scorpion is in that tiny place. To get out for good, keep facing off with yourself. Victory is then imminent.

Scorpio of the Week: Yolanda King

Is there no one to comprehend the extent of your personal faith and what magic it creates and causes? Well, no, actually. Whoa, archers! You are really on your own here. Not even those who know you BEST can fathom how high your aspirations are. So anyway, why waste your time trying to convince them of it? Just wear it on your smiling face, all day, every day. Live by your conviction, with your whole heart. They'll get the picture...

Sagitarius of the Week: David Mame

It is reported that Madonna, after being denied access to playing the role of Evita, traveled to Argentina in a private jet to persuade the president, Carlos Menem, to grant her exclusive permission. He waited for her in the delta, supposedly determined to resist her charm. However, once in her midst, it turns out he was not able to withstand the power of her beauty and grace. He ended up giving her exactly what she wanted but had previously refused. Goats, this week you are bound to be playing the role of one or the other of these dramatic characters. Either you will be called to summon your own abilities to appeal to the powers that be or you will be asked to re-consider your decision. Get ready to push it or cave...

Capricorn of the Week: Mario Van Peebles

If you hang out just a little bit longer, I think you'll find what you're missing. If you really want to take a chance, and agree to roll around in the mud, dirtying up your hands and soiling your skin a little, I predict you'll stand a LOT to gain, water bearers. I'd go so far as to say that if you got even the slightest whiff or taste of what that's like, you'd cancel all other plans RIGHT NOW...

Aquarius of the Week: the roller coaster

May your dreams lead us forward this week, fish. The forces of the universe fully trust the directional powers of your own blissful heart. With you as leader, there is no real danger. Unless you count getting lost on some secret beautiful island, or stumbling across a hidden treasure, or having some super fun adventure in the open waters...

Pisces of the Week: Tecumseh