Week of April 10, 2009

Rams, may you (re) discover your dersire this week, feel the flames of it so hot upon your own feet that your speed is enhanced, your focus regained, your motivation frolicking. To help you properly rock n roll, I've come up with some exercises: practice close listening, making a sincere effort to understand every detail of what is being communicated to you, then with just as much vigor, practice saying exactly what you mean, using your eyes, limbs, teeth, throat, and hands. I predict you'll need the use of ALL your faculties to accomplish such daring feats.

Aries of the Week: Billie Holiday

When wisdom at last ripens upon the vine of life, it glistens with the sparkle of pure nature. But that's only AFTER it volcanically bursts through the dense soil, or sharply shoots past the thick branches. So if you hear any cracking, tearing, popping, or glocking, that's a good sign. It could only mean one thing: a most beautiful blooming is up next...

Taurus of the Week: Bettie Page

Last week one of my avid Gemini readers inquired as to why lately there was less advice availble to the twins. I could only receive this as a cry for "help", and so to oblige one of my personal favorite zodiac signs, allow me to offer the following recommendations: Believe in yourself. Seek validation from no one. Exercise your powers to the fullest, letting no outside expectation stand in the way of your pure expression. Lastly, pursue your ideals relentlessly as the spring season approaches.

Gemini of the Week: Edward White is the first american to "walk" in space

This week it will be as equally important to give as it is to receive. Literally, crabs. Both are just as vital to your personal growth right now, To offer your best stuff as well as receive the top rewards of another are both crucial steps to assisting in a breakthrough awareness. Make such activity your primary focus and your sole "job" in order to inspire a most positive shift in your reality.

Cancer of the Week: Huey Lewis

You've never been one to create rules for the sake of self protection in the past. Why would you start now? Especially because your wild methods and open heart currently have the power to permanently over-ride certain barriers to success or happiness. All you have to do is stay put, arms outstretched, symbolizing not only your willingness to do whatever it takes, but also your certainty that you've got exactly and plenty of what that will specifically require.

Leo of the Week: Ali Shaheed Muhammed

Remember that tune from your childhood-"Pop goes the weasel"? That's your theme song this week, virgins. Yep, you're about to bust right out of there, meaning yourself. To ease the possible pain involved with doing so, go limp. Acquiesce to the process and this can all go a lot more smoothly. Humbly accept this growth spurt as a natural and beneficial shove into the right evolutionary direction. Be glad.

Virgo of the Week: "Gunsmoke"

To be the best possible leader, start from a most subjective place. Let your intimate feelings fully inform you first before you make any important moves. Review your own personal history. Do what every Native indian believes is vital to healing as well as taking appropriate action. Know who you are and where you come from. That way when you are asked "why", you do not have to search for the answer. Your reply is then graceful enough to be fully integrated into the minds of others, causing instant transformation of being.

Libra of the Week: Chris deBurg

The lives of most human scorpions is a tale of self acceptance. Indeed, it is quite a task to grapple with what knowledge is so instantly and constantly available to you, not to mention the powerful stinger that came attached to you, which carries the unique ability to break through even the strongest of walls, shatter what earthly chains threaten our chance to fly freely, and can directly penetrate through the veils of illusion, sickness, and ignorance. I see what you mean. But as one of your tribe, I have learned that by first acknowledging the miracle of such gifts and then celebrating it incessantly, as if it were a party that never ends, the whole thing becomes a lot less serious/more fun.

Scorpio of the Week: Grace Abbott

In the tarot, esoteric knowledge and wisdom in general is represented by the high priestess, who holds their written scrolls tightly in her hands, a grave expression on her face, the pillars of Solomon's ancient temple looming behind her. So what's in those things anyway? And how does one go about prying them from her reluctant fingers, lighten her up a bit? Archers, Im sure you, of all people, could figure out a way "in." But here's a tip from me to you: As you calmly approach your own inner truths, she relaxes her grip. The less fear you show, the more likely she will reveal the mystery. The more willing you are to examine and acknowledge your own sacred nature, the greater the chance that you can receive her potent truths.

Sagitarius of the Week: Art Neville

I picture you with a sword in one hand, a loving cup in the other this week goats. As you get more down to business, you'll need to be as versatile as this metaphor suggests, and as agile too. Stay on your toes now, capricorn. Be ready to respond to the situation and do most immediately what it calls for, switching between the two extremes as is necessary. The only strategy is to do whatever's needed for growth to take place. Just listen for the cue, and then rise, without question, to the call of duty.

Capricorn of the Week: the Italian Flag

Hey water bearers! Where have you been? We missed you! The party was not the same without ya and it never is! Despite our efforts to fill your shoes when you are gone, it is impossible to do so. At this point, any attempt to go on without you can be considered ridiculous, if not downright foolish/illogical. Things are bound to be less enchanted without your charm and if you aren't there to be a constant reflection of the truth, we shall surely suffer from or die of a deadly confusion. Please come back, as soon as possible...

Aquarius of the Week: Laura Linney

Fate is a highly misunderstood concept. Or perhaps it's just under-developed. Either way, here's the missing point that is not often advertised in the destiny ads. Fish- it is up to you to execute the desire of your will, follow up on your plans, trust your own instinct, and love your own self the whole time no matter how much you "accomplish" or not. The good news is that the stars are patient. They have waited for lifetimes there in the sky, never running out of the energy needed to shimmer with the awareness of your full potential, sweetly lifting you up and beyond.

Pisces of the Week: John Deere