Week of April 3, 2009

Hawaiian indians, known as Hunas, believe that man has three souls, the first two corresponding to what we traditionally refer to in western culture as the "conscious" and the "subconscious". The third self is known as the "high self". i.e. the superconscious, or what I have deemed the united self, the self which rests safely beyond conflict, chaos, fear, and sabotage. In other words, the level of greater vision, that which reminds you of your larger purpose, resolves division- inner and outer, and resonates far beyond human doubt and isolation.

Aries of the Week: Heath Ledger

Bulls, it is never too late. Life provides endless "chances." I advise you to seize what opportunity is provided this week, approaching your target with graceful straightforwardness. Open your many arms wide enough that what you desire may fall comfortably, safely into them. Once y'all are together again, relax. Enjoy the natural embrace, well-fortifed, but with plenty of breathing room.

Taurus of the Week: Gabriela Sabatini

I wish you all the best this week, twins. I will be holding a vigil for your happiness right here in my heart. You deserve some bosomy warmth, home-cooked meals, best friendship, and innocent fun. That's what stuff can act as a gentle/sweet nourishing balance to your swift, iron mind.

Gemini of the Week: Bob Evans

Assert your own will, especially past your personal level of comfort. That's the prescribed method of breaking free of all impeding chains. For support, travel in. There, at least, you can remember all the secrets, including who/what has your BEST interest in mind/serves your spiritual purpose.

Cancer of the Week: Emma Goldman

Return to your roots, super cats. Not only will this provide essential awareness, vital to your personal growth, but it will also enable the support your require to continue your ascension to the higher plane. Seek the guidance of the elders, present in body as well as spirit. They eagerly await your requests, in service of your being.

Leo of the Week: Martin Sheen

To balance your mercurial energy, which is unique in its incessant transmission of energy, use the spirit of Jupiter, which gives generously and without measure, feeding all of life with its largess of spirit. Make an effort to release what energy and resources move through you. Let them flow on, into the greater sea from where they came, for the purpose of better breathing/karma/partnership.

Virgo of the Week: Margaret Sanger

In one of Bob Marley's documentaries, there is a clip of him uniting the hands of different party leaders, long standing rivals, during one of his concerts, at which time lightning strikes and the heavens seem to be roaring their approval and excitement. Carry the image of the artistic diplomat with you this week, scales. Similarly, you will be in a position to resolve inter-conflcit, the universe offering just as much powerful support of your higher vision.

Libra of the Week: Tony La Russa

Your determination and aggression are only a mask, behind which lies an endless supply of mercy and compassion. May you begin to reveal what lies beneath that powerful veil, scorpio. Remain poised in your inner truth, confident that the forces of the earth support your true loving nature, and will revere and respect you in the wake of your patient endurance.

Scorpio of the Week: Grace Kelly

Sometimes justice must be demanded, archers. I predict you will have no problem in fighting for what you believe in. But this week, the stars add an extra challenge. How can you go about defending your cause in a way that best exemplifies your truth, is most closely a reflection of your own loving soul, most accurately represents your enlightened spirit, and displays your brightest ideals with the most precision?

Sagitarius of the Week: Illinois

You've got whay resources you need as well as an abundance of knowledge at your fingertips, goats. Now, the only thing left to do is employ your wisdom and utilize your materials. This week the omens suggest you be extra earth conscious in order to mobilize your ideas. Take only the best from every person and thing, and quietly leave the rest.

Capricorn of the Week: Jose Ribera

Sometimes I muse over your mystical being, wondering how a spirit as enchanted as you ended up here on earth. I can only conclude the obvious- that you are a wish granted to the mundane world, ever elevating the planet with your sparkling vision, your lofty ideals, your transcendent knowledge. May your stay here be pleasant, and may we leave plenty of room for you at our table, filled with your favorite food(s).

Aquarius of the Week: Dexter Scott King

I've always loved hip-hop. all kinds and every genre from any country. There I can fondly recall my own street origins, and connect to my familiar homies, everywhere. I suggest you remember where you come from this week, fish. Locate your school and swim alongside. Take the time to identify your soul and be with your "family." It relieves long-standing pressure.

Pisces of the Week: Teresa Cristina of the Two Sicilies, Empress of Brazil