Week of March 27, 2009

Get lost. This part of the journey is new, and requires some exploration. So leave your phone at home and hit the streets/jungle. Take with you only: a romantic sense, an open ear, a creative edge. The omens predict that's all you'll need.

Aries of the Week: Anthony Quinn

Absorb the blows like a big soft pillow. Your participation is worth the action. If danger should approach, puff up with love and glide blissfully along. But by all means, stay at the party!

Taurus of the Week: New York State World Fair

Give what you want to get this week twins. Put the offer out which you'd like to recieve yourself. That's how best to communicate to the world and/or a certain person the EXACT desires you are currently pursuing.

Gemini of the Week: Bonnie Tyler

It's always important to refuse the wrong business deal. It's just as vital, however, to snatch up opportunity when it leaps right into your lap. Catch my drift, crabs? Move on it.

Cancer of the Week: "To Kill A Mockingbird"

All of life is an energy game, cats. This week, to play it best, I have two recommendations for you, which are better used in conjunction with/ simultaneous to, one another. The first is to hold fast to your intentions. The other is to move past obstuction by the swiftness of your courage.

Leo of the Week: Dolores Del Rio

Who/What best faciltates your self expression? Who are the folks absolutely positive of what you can do, totally confident of your abilities? Even if you can't get to them directly, travel in spirit to where they dwell, carry their memory with you for support.

Virgo of the Week: Punky Brewster

When I first started writing horoscopes, I was a lot sweeter. Now that your need has grown, along with my love and admiration of and for you, I usually just skip right to the truthul point. For good/better Karma this week, may you be just as genuine and objective in your approach, considering what's best for ALL.

Libra of the Week: M. Ward

Keep your home sacred, scorp. Clean out all the dark spots/force your visitors to leave their demons at the door. Then everyone can enjoy the purest aspects of your personal environment, which glows with the spirit of your loving labor.

Scorpio of the Week: Kirk Hammett

Your ship is soon to arrive, archers. Before you board, do yourself a favor. Leave all doubt at home, along with any need to control the circumstances. Hopefully by the time you get back, you'll be renewed by courage, replenished with gratitude, rekindled with inspiration, enough to entirely forget about those old tools of distraction.

Sagitarius of the Week: Carlo Ponti

Go out in the field. Feed your people like you love to, moving past their own personal boundaries as well as any societal ones. With stealth, grace, love, and wisdom, may you possess the strength to provide what is needed and when.

Capricorn of the Week: Texas

It's the astral new year. To celebrate, review the past and congratulate yourself on what strides you have made. Ditch the festivities, then, for a moment of quiet relfection. Be lulled instead by the peaceful tidings, rocked softly into a distant, dreamy, much needed sleep.

Aquarius of the Week: John Lydon

If/when the illusion of doubt grows strong, pause to smell the flowers. There you will find and remember the fragrance of the truth. Listen to the calm of the wild. Let nature restore your trust that wellness and success are abundant.

Pisces of the Week: Julia Lennon