Week of March 20, 2009

I recently had the opportunity to witness and assist in my first live birth. It was among, at once, the most magical, miraculous, dangerous, laborious hours of my life. I recalled it this morning as I was composing your horoscope. Similarly, after much pushing and panting, there is sure to be a glorious, beaming arrival, causing you to forget, almost immediately, the crisis it took to get there...

Aries of the Week: The World Trade Center

Spice it up, bulls. Add extra hot sauce to your life. Pour it on gratuitously this week. According to the astral omens, you couldn't get enough of such zestful flavor. Embrace the opportunity to jump into the flames, sizzle your soul, cook you down to your shoes...

Taurus of the Week: Anne Frank House

This week the powers of the universe officially challenge you to build bridges, closing the gaps between universes. Make it sturdy enough to walk on/ cross back and forth to the opposite sides. Consider all strengths and weaknesses, using your sharp eye to measure with, your imagination to design a structure that can properly hold things up.

Gemini of the Week: Jenny Jones

A sudden (fortunate) change is inevitable. A certain energy you will need to move forward and manifest your exact desire has been sighted headed in your direction. "Help" is on the way, in the form of courage, insight, faith, inspiration, and recognition. Expect/accept it.

Cancer of the Week: Dublin

This week, I walked the streets of Austin, Texas during their annual music festival, entitled South by Southwest. The collection of artists from around the world felt more like an international conference, the culture so highly varied. I suggest if you get the chance to take part in something similar, seize the opportunity. I predict you'll find such foreign contact to be personally invaluable as well as highly enjoyable.

Leo of the Week: Pike Place Market

Is life pushing your buttons this week, virg? That's a good thing. The more challenged you are right now, the better. It seems that's the best way of pulling you from your slumber, revealing your true colors, squeezing the emotion out of you, and forcing you from any overly-stiff, isolating positions you've been holding.

Virgo of the Week: Mark Ronson

Wear your reading glasses this week, scales. For best results, look closely and examine carefully the finer print. The subtleties are many. The more acquainted you are with those intricacies, the more certain you can be of what specfic risks to take and WHY.

Libra of the Week: Wallace Stevens

Get lost this week, scorp. A mental vacation is long overdue. Spending time in the non-work zone will help you unwind, which will make it easier to let go of what heavy baggage you've been tugging along. The approaching spring season requires less clothing/ more glow and sparkle.

Scorpio of the Week: Sage Francis

Look your best this week archer. You never know who you might run into- a long lost love, an unfulfilled crush, a new hero, a much needed ally. Raise your flag high so that the likelihood of this happening is less of a crapshoot, and more like something you call right to yourself.

Sagitarius of the Week: Workers Party of Jamaica

The right form of communication can open all doors now. Instead of trying to guess what others are trying to say or do, simply know where you are coming from, in the most concise way possible. Know well the facts as well as your own intentions. Be ready to speak on their behalf when asked.

Capricorn of the Week: Kate Bosworth

Catch you if we can, water bearer. As usual, the probability that this will happen is low. But that's only true if you let it be. To change the experience, you could also try surrender. Instead of refusing what loving embrace surrounds you, lean into it. Feel it's strength and protection, for a nourishing change. (?)

Aquarius of the Week: Japan

Imagine there is no one to follow. Trust that as soon as you begin your unique dance, others will inevitably join the movement. In the interim, just skip right past the technical difficulties, engaging, like a child, with only the beauty of the present moment, insisting upon it's sole importance.

Pisces of the Week: Ezra Jack Keats