Week of March 13, 2009

Astro-shamans proclaim that Aries is the fuel/food of the Gods.  It is therefore meant to be sacrificed, intended to be used up, destined for "dangerous" adventure, kamikaze missions, etc.  Fear not the voyage then.  You were designed for this type of living, after all...

Aries of the Week: Suge Knight

The answer is literally blowing in the wind. Can you make out the whispers of the breeze, bulls? Stay poised to listen this week- eyes closed, head tilted up, ears perched, mouth closed, mind focused, hands open to receive: fragile truth.

Taurus of the Week: Master P

You aren't the only one with two faces, twins. We are all reproductions of the "other", mirror images of the same self, reflections of our one true identity. Who/what may be a complement to your soul right now? You could use a friend/partner in crime this week.

Gemini of the Week: Noah Wyle

You are advised to accept help in whatever form it is offered this week. Even and most especially if it does not come in the exact package you expected. Trust that your prayers are being answered. Give relief a real shot at making itself known.

Cancer of the Week: Joan Osborne

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you give up, lions. As long as you are willing to move on, and leap into the unknown, all your desires can be met. It's officially the week of your re-birth. Go for it. Step out, free of worry or angst. Don't bother measuring what you give OR count the miles. It's contrary to your style.

Leo of the Week: Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly

What's the most difficult course of action, the thing that requires the most concentration, willingness, flexibility, understanding, compassion, and bravery? Here's the deal: as long as you make your best effort in honor of that choice, the super-powers of the universe will come swiftly, preparedly to your aid. Promise.

Virgo of the Week: Mickey Hart

Quarantine yourself this week scales. It'll be easier to sort things out that way. Without the pressure, temptation, and distraction of outside influence, it will be less difficult to know where you are personally coming from, what your individual dreams and desires are, apart from the Jones-es.

Libra of the Week: ""The Magic Flute"

You are on the verge of creative breakthrough, poetic revival, electrical possession. Trust that whatever walls come tumbling down in the process needed to go first. Their obliteration was a necessary precursor to receiving the gifts mentioned above.

Scorpio of the Week: Justin Timberlake's "Justified"

Playing music for many years, I have discovered a vital truth, which I offer as guidance on your journey this week archer. ***::: you can always just pick up from wherever you left off. Perfection is not nearly as important as staying connected to the beat. Begin from anywhere Sag. All you have is N.O.W.

Sagitarius of the Week: Bruce Hornsby

You can do something about it without taking it on, goats. I just wanted to remind you of that this week as you strive to make the best decision. Luckily, that's what you do best anyway, lead by pure example, reflecting the notion that each part is responsible for itself/ the whole.

Capricorn of the Week: Richard, 1st earl of Cornwall

You need something to perk your interest, water bearers, inspire wild coolness in your soul, take your breath away with its genius, move you with its unique rhythm. If such a nymph should come tooting it's hypnotic flute this week, follow blindly, down to the river you should probably jump into.

Aquarius of the Week: Leilani Munter

There are no limits to what your imagination can pull off, even in the midst of crisis, hardship, or doubt. As well your faith and love can act as a safe harbor in the face of tumbling waters. You are an escape artist, immune to the troubles of the earthly world. Phew.

Pisces of the Week: Ben & Jerry