Week of March 6, 2009

Be clear of mind, distinct of voice, patient of demeanor, when communicating.  The heights are easier to reach when you are as direct as you are enduring. To ascend, be as bright as you are uniyielding, as optimistic as you are persevering...

Aries of the Week: laptop computer

Shakespeare, a fellow bull, claims in "Othello" that to with-hold the truth from a so-called friend is actually to conspire against them. To placate, enable falsehoods, or abstain from revealing what you know, is actually to become their enemy/opponent! Good point.

Taurus of the Week: Cosimo II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Whenever you are at a loss this week, stand at a distance. To identify the difference between fear and truth, step back. There, in that quieter, less distracting place, you can arrive more naturally at a clear(er) understanding. Retreat, so you may resolve duality/begin divine intercourse.

Gemini of the Week: Pam Grier

There is a difference right now between what you truly need and what you only perceive as such. For the purpose of your enlightenment, get into new habits. Walking out on limbs not only forces you to surrender excess weight, but it's experience also points out what is crucial to your spiritual surivival versus what is NOT.

Cancer of the Week: Tijuana

Without your support, the team can only get so far. Just like the sun that rules you, the plants can't live without what light your provide. What do you personally need, then, for your own happiness? Once you make your wishes clear, they can be granted! What exactly can the Gods offer in return for your own generosity? Name it.

Leo of the Week: Danger Mouse

Maintain your composure, virgin. These are the last, but most intense moments of the struggle. Retain your strength, slowing things down for better control. Cling to your intentions while you ride the wind, focusing past it's illusions, outsmarting its wayward temptations, conquering it with your sturdy love, calming it with your silent reverence.

Virgo of the Week: Queen Rania

To arrive at any kind of "answer", you'll need to trust your guides and gifts. To face the truth they are suggesting, you'll have to be extra brave, absolutely vulnerable, and sublimely hopeful. Keep dancing, even past the time when the music stops. Keep the beat anyway, to reach altered, ecstatic new levels of conscious awareness.

Libra of the Week: "Miss Saigon"

Make yourself clear, sacred one. Give your audience what pop astrologers refer to as the "gaze of the scorpion." With one potent glance/word/thought, speak straight from/ to the soul. Project the story of your poweful will to dream, share the particular knowledge of your intimate poetry, fearless by nature.

Scorpio of the Week: Madlib

Don't waste any time this week archers. Skip any pussy-footing around and drive the point straight home. The sooner you do that, the less trouble you are likely to muster and/or run into. Act on burning impulse, by the courage of your flaming heart.

Sagitarius of the Week: Damien Rice

Dress the part, goats. That way when it comes time to speak on your own behalf, it's easier to get your point across. Gear up with as many props as needed to convey your total message. Enhance and also magnify your style, for the purpose of better communication re: where you are coming from and where you are currently headed...

Capricorn of the Week: the Royal Aeronautical society

This is the perfect week to shift to inner steady. The less pressure you put on yourself or others, the more serene your overall feeling... The more neutral your stance, the greater your oxygen supply...The more balanced your perspective, the less exhausted you'll end up...The less rigid your ideas, the more passion you'll restore.

Aquarius of the Week: Boris Yeltsin

What is lost shall be found, fish. That is- as long as you are willing to sacrifice all extra baggage. For maximum effectiveness, take with you a pair of scissors this week. Use them to cut all old cords and release the flow of hidden water sources, whose tides you'll need to cruise forward on.

Pisces of the Week: "Pablo Honey"