Week of February 27, 2009

It is written in the Old Testament that every time God created a bit of the world, he would pronounce it "good."  On the last day, only after he had created mankind, was he to acknowledge his work as "VERY good."  Heed this ancient myth and note its symbology, rams.  Recognize the value of your work, but notice if the slightest more effort produces none too sublte results, causing an exponentially different effect.

Aries of the Week: videotape

As your loved ones return to you this week, they will likely need an extra amount of acceptance out of you. They will probably feel ashamed of their long absence, without the words to express their out-standing gratitidue and their overwhelming love. Be patient, and understanding, merciful of the human conditions of pride and ignorance. That's how your re-unity can gain the most momentum and lead to the next round of fun

Taurus of the Week: the Hubble space telescope

Taking a stand isn't easy. Change is guaranteed and a certain loss is definite. Twins, as you oscillate between the extremes this week, cling to the image of your dream's dawn that follows and keep in mind that what you are leaving behind may be only superfluous weight. Continue to firmly choose the greatest good and all smoke and mirrors will dissolve, more rapidly then you might have guessed.

Gemini of the Week: The netherlands declares their independece

Your love is like a fat pillow floating in the cosmos, hip-hopping by us, smooth and easy as the breeze. That's all the charm you'll need to discover the buried treasure. But to actually obtain it/take it with you, you'll need the powers of confrontation, and determination. Get your way by fighting for what you love this week, to the death if necessary.

Cancer of the Week: Missy Eliot's Supa Dupa Fly

Your trees need trimming, cats. Should we send someone over, or would you like to take the scissors into your own hands? Either way, the universe believes you have what wisdom is required, specifically to remove those parts that are no longer contributing to the life of the whole, while letting those bushes grow that are just beginning to reveal their potential. You'll have to look extra closely, of course, in order to determine the difference. It's worth the effort, considering the effect it has on the garden.

Leo of the Week: Florence Harding

If you can at least begin to believe that not all your goals can be attained by hard work alone, then you might also be more inclined to trust me when I tell you that actually it is in the leaving behind and/or de-construction of what intricate designs you have so elaborately erected where your true chance lies. For the purpose of new life, freedom, inspiration, growth, and oxygen, be willing to let those walls come tumbling down and drift back into the greater sea of life to be recycled, re-used and re-mixed.

Virgo of the Week: Paul Oakenfold

Orthodox Jews begin celebrating Shabbat every week from Friday at sundown until Saturday at sundown. At the tolling of the bells, no electricity is used, dinners are shared and men are expected to bring their wives to orgasm. Take this idea and run with it, scales. Begin a sacred ceremony/period of reflection and merriment, turning away from outer turmoil to make love, celebrate life, and worship art.

Libra of the Week: Trey Anastasio

Even if this particular transformation/shedding of skin promises to be extra-tough, be as fearless as always scorpion. No matter how low to the ground you must go in order to face off with yourself and others, you will resurrect and elevate beyond such conditions. A constant yearning to change will be your fuel, an open heart your protection, and the universe's support at large your best navigational source. Good luck and enjoy the (re) birthing process, as it will never again pass in this exact way again.

Scorpio of the Week: Bahá'u'lláh

If you happened to find a magic lamp, and a genie were inside, offering you one wish only, to be redeemed instantly or forever lost, what would it be? The cosmos poses such a question not only to get you back into the habit of dreaming things up, but also to return you to your original speed. In other words, should such an opportunity present itself in the days ahead, you are prepared with an immediate answer.

Sagitarius of the Week: Jennifer Beals

You've been making yourself known more than usual, goats. I imagine it's because you've got something to say, and wish to assert your opinion, point of view, or individual perspective. That's great news. Your ideas are fully welcomed and in fact, necessary to the success of the group. Without your knowledge/know-how, the chance that we would end up lost, hurt, sick, or confused would be far greater...

Capricorn of the Week: Dave Matthews

I've been brushing up on my knowledge of space, water bearers, in honor of you and your cosmic, scientific being. Among many interesting facts, I discovered that stars vary in magnitude and also change positions in the sky. Like your own mental lamp, at times they shine bright while at other moments they are fading. As well, they are mobile and rest-less, dancing in and out of dimensions.

Aquarius of the Week: DJ Jazzy Jeff

If everyone knew why you did what you did, and was more willing to take your methods into consideration, I'm certain you'd be less of one or more of the following: tired, extreme, frustrated, withdrawn, erratic, insecure, afraid. Here's my solution: instead of waiting for their permission, follow your own heart/bliss past the peanut gallery, ignoring their presence entirely if necessary. Make them come to you for a change, following the pulse and tone of your laughter and joy.

Pisces of the Week: W.H. Auden