Week of February 20, 2009

Wait up rams! I'm going with you! Your bravery hath won me over again, and I strive to know more of your warrior ways. Your fearless demeanor and willful spirit has captured my attention and held it long enough that I wish to follow you, if that's alright with you...

Aries of the Week: Jon Kraukeur

You've got all the info you need, bulls. Now just take your time and use what concentration you have left to string it all together. Skip the shortcuts, and forgo tradition. In the long run, those easier choices will only produce more obstacles. Heed your inner voice, behind closed doors if necessary, until you have finished meticulously composing/making your point.

Taurus of the Week: Nthe first inaugural ball

Nina Simone says it best, when she croons, "I'm sitting here waiting for you to come back home and turn me on..." That's what I think YOU should do, anyway, just float around smoothly and act casual. That way you are less likely to panic when love comes straight to your town/house this week.

Gemini of the Week: the first men to reach Mount Everest

Your lessons, at last, are being absorbed. But you know it's been so long since you taught them, you may need a refresher course yourself; just so you at least recall what values you were trying to communicate, what hard work you believed was worth attaining it, and the long road you were willing to walk in order to get there safely and surely. Patience pays a fortune, crabs, and it's especially noticeable this week.

Cancer of the Week: Iris Murdoch

Need shelter? It's yours, just as soon as you humbly acknowledge that fact. Protection? You can have it, but not until you offer it something as equally valuable in return. Take your time considering your proposition. Be as honest as you are chivalrous, as sincere as you are grand in your attempt to charm your prey. Temper sweet flattery with a brazen straight forwardness. You will thus be irressistible.

Leo of the Week: Posdnous

What was it your mama said? And your daddy used to warn you of WHAT exactly? Can't remember? Well I guess you'll have to make up some new steps, all on your own, blaze a fresh path by your lonesome. Re-invent the method this week virgin. Reveal how prepared you are to act as the fearless pioneer, creative enough to develop and design, and strong enough to do the work it will demand.

Virgo of the Week: Issac Hayes

To experience truth, you'll have to open up your heart. To ease past deception, specifically your own, you'll be needing to hand over your fears. To obtain what objectivity you seek, you'll be required to sacrifice your own attachments. To eat your cake, you'll have to work extra hard. And to have true love, you'll have to BE true.

Libra of the Week: Daniel Boyle

Yo scorp, what will you do when they "come for you" this week? I had a vision of it already, and it makes perfect sense, given the sharpness and depth of your instincts. When whatever creature of equal viscious intensity confronts you, you'll know exactly how to act. Instead of running, you'll stay. And you won't close your door at all, but rather leave it WIDE open, slyly welcoming the demanding beast at your door.

Scorpio of the Week: Amsterdam

Don't get mad, Sag. Get even steven. Show what you know, in the ways you walk and talk. Keep the clever beat no matter what befalls you, eyes on the prize ahead. As long as you stay willing, it is likely that nothing could break your tall stride now...

Sagitarius of the Week: Christian Doppler

Take a good look at the throne before you. Watch it glisten in the sun and coo with the nature that surrounds it. It's nice, and when you need a rest, you'll be relaxing in what comfort it provides. That is, AFTER you return home from a long and productive work day and/or wild adventure.

Capricorn of the Week: the first american public museum in Charleston, SC

Hear the chiming of those bells? It's to mark the start of a new dawn, the entrance into the age of Aquarius which just occurred this last week. To symbolize your own participation, do things extra out of the ordinary. Travel to the places, inside and out, where you normally don't go. Push past your limits of comfort, your higher goal securely in mind.

Aquarius of the Week: Melissa Manchester

This week will present the ripe opportunity to reach out and swiftly grab life by the kahunas. I recommend you take that tumbling chance, while remaining as friendly as always. At the least, you will regain a certain amount of inspiration and motivation. At the most, you'll end up smiling satisfactorily in the arms of your own desires.

Pisces of the Week: the first Bat Mitzvah