Week of February 13, 2009

Sit still. Long enough, anyway, to allow various conflict to quietly die. As you surrender your weaponry, you may immediately move on towards your bliss. In this "new" place, you'll need nothing but your own hunches to shield you. Trade in your armor for pure instinct. It's a much more reliable form of constant protection anyway.

Aries of the Week: the first Dictionary of the English Language

The more willing you are to directly confront your personal sea of emotions, the more instantly you may be released from the cycle of the past. Examine at length the reasons behind your actions. The more intimate you become with your fear, the less control it maintains over your movements. Step right up to such a challenge/your victory.

Taurus of the Week: New Order's "Power, corruption, and Lies"

As intelligent as you are, your mental powers and ability to discern is vastly underestimated. This week you shall prove how capable you are of making the right choice, what makes sense in the context of the situation. The writing is written clearly on the wall now. Read it aLOUD.

Gemini of the Week: Adam Smith

Relinquish your posessions, lest you be buried by them. Allow the universe to guide your actions in a more creative way. Instead of clinging to what is "yours", exhibit what courage and wisdom you possess to be able to let go of that which you deeply cherish. You are then granted eternal access to it's and your own magic...

Cancer of the Week: the first Rolling Stones concert at the Matquee in London

Lions, your intimate desries are about to be met! As long as you can breathe through the pain of your complete dissolution, you may fully benefit from the gift at your respective door. I would recommend a humble but friendly approach, on bended knee, head bowed low, with a reverent face, arms wide, welcomingly open.

Leo of the Week: Marcel Duchamp

You are just about ready virgin. While you wait in the wings to release unto the world your secretest powers, acknowledge your sources. Before you hit the ground running and singing, thank the people, living and dead, who believed in you, constantly reflected to you what you were worth, loved you unconditionally...

Virgo of the Week: Luigi Cheribini

Every battery needs some recharging to live on, especially the ones that put as much energy out as you scales. Chain yourself to those sources that nourish you. Feed from those spots like a baby to a breast. Eat until you are full, so that you are properly restored and fully cognizant that you are not an island unto yourself, but entirely interdependent.

Libra of the Week: Keyshia Cole

If there were ever a time to exhbit your divinely-given talents, it would be this week scorpio. Breathe out your inhibitions now to reveal what you are deeply capable of. Prove that your vision is so innately great, wide, and deep, as to permit inhuman levels of flexibility, facilitating vast earth shattering, slate-cleaning acts of holy forgiveness.

Scorpio of the Week: Washington state

I won't lie to you, archers. You will "lose" this coming week, that which is most valuable to you. As you are aware, relinquishing personal efforts in this area at this time allows you to achieve your ultimate, long term goal. Keep that in mind as the walls come tumbling down. Let whatever storm tear things apart. Your own personal calm and sunny day will follow.

Sagitarius of the Week: Trina

Gather the last of your supplies and make sure the fire is properly kindled. Your "visitors" are soon to arrive, eager to hear your tales, learn your trade, and know of your secret natural wisdom. Imagine yourself as the speaker of your house, now. Prepare the tables!

Capricorn of the Week: Crystal Gale

Pay off your debts, water bearer. That way you can enjoy the inspiration you have acquired and the power you have wielded. Wherever you gathered energy from, put it back in. That perfects your Karma, which shrouds you in a most peaceful light while you travel. Use your own wishing power to hope for the success of others who prayed for you along the way. Your serenity will thus directly accompany your increasing abilities.

Aquarius of the Week: Edith Wharton

To fully harvest your "crops", discipline is required. Be the boss of you now fishes. Take total control over your habits, anything which has held you back in the past. As long as you stay willing to believe that you don't need that support to survive, the universe shall grant you with the power you need to leap over all obstacles and reach maximum potential.

Pisces of the Week: Andre Breton