Week of February 5, 2009

Your journey begins, ironically, in what is traditionally referred to as your "past". The start of all your adventure lies in your willingness to face where you have already been. Once you do that, you'll cruise ahead. But in the meantime, stay patient, and most importantly, constantly aware that backwards travel is required for future progress. Retrace your steps, the more carefully the better.

Aries of the Week: Carl Perkins

Listen to the stories you are told. Each and every one of them, no matter how seemingly "trite", is relevant to your cause and course of action. Keep your eyes, ears and nose properly peeled, bulls. Don't dismiss a single source, especially the quietest, least likely, most recticent of voices.

Taurus of the Week: Utah Phillips

How do twins get married? Do they need one mate for each half? Whatever the answer, it's clear that the more of a committment you make to your whole self this week, the more likely you will attract the perfect partnership. Whether multiple or single, if you can find the love and strength within to fully embrace your SELF first, pure romance with another immediately follows.

Gemini of the Week: Paul Gaugin

Let the sunshine in. Unlock your windows and doors, draw back the curtains and allow such light to beam through to your bones. As long as you stand willing to receive such power and possess the courage to be transformed by it, you are granted total access to it.

Cancer of the Week: Ann Radcliffe

What are you here to do/say/accomplish? Announce yourself, making your intentions clear. Sacrifice cleverness and superiority if it means you are better able to reach your goals. Remain as confident as you are warmly receptive to communication. That's the combination of attitude most likely to guarantee success/advancement.

Leo of the Week: Madeleine Stowe

Relinquish expectation. Based on the forecast I have drawn for the virgin in the months ahead, the sooner you do that, the swifter the rewards. Also, letting go so fully has the added effect of reflecting back to you the spiritual powers you have most recently cultivated, which are so potent as to allow you to surrender all former worldly devices.

Virgo of the Week: Mitzi Gaynor

Practice humility through your posture, speech, and affect. Assuming this position allows the universe to gently replenish your resources. Go limp, so that the powers of earth can give you what you need, re-build your momentum, provide ground firm enough for you to resume a more joyful dance.

Libra of the Week: The Whirpool Galaxy

How long can you retain that melody, keep it firmly in your head? I challenge you to do so this week, scorp. See if you can maintain your balance, stamina, and charm, without ever straying too far in another direction. HInt: be completely kind and constantly forgiving to yourself as you strive for middle ground. It's more possible without the pressure.

Scorpio of the Week: Dermot Mulroney

Every time you are the end of a certain rope this week, benficience will intervene, in various forms. No matter what face your grace wears now, your only job is to recognize it, acknowledge it fully, and display your gratitude. Turn back to tell the world about your beautiful luck and amazing destiny.

Sagitarius of the Week: Harriet Tubman escapes from Slavery

Go the extra mile, goats. Why not? What have you got to lose? It's the only thing you haven't tried yet, the only pasture you've not yet explored. To get past old patterns once and for all, simply stay willing to travel. The rest is cake, I swear it.

Capricorn of the Week: Steven Soderbergh

Trade your traditionally diplomatic approach this week for the more gutteral one, water bearers. Skip the technicalities, getting right to the point. You'll have no time to waste, and no chances to afford. Practice your boldest action now. Reach out in the instant you feel the urge to, not one moment out of step with your instinct.

Aquarius of the Week: Felix Mehndelson

You will receive this week, but only in direct proportion to what you put forth. Whatever you offer will be returned back to you. Keep this firmly in mind. If you give half of your heart, this is what you'll get back. Whereas if you bring it all to the table, then you shall walk away fully fed.

Pisces of the Week: Erik Estrada