Week of January 30, 2009

Leap from the cliff, this time with utter grace, into the future. On your way to the "edge", cordially shake the hands of those who lent their loving support. Greet them with a warm farewell and a steady smile, assuring them of your inner certainty. As you turn, rely now on the sturdiness of spirit to guide you on your journey, keep you awake as you go, lead you to higher, roomier ground...

Aries of the Week: Sara Michelle Gellar

Invite us into your world, bulls. Leave your door wide open,so that all animals and people may feel comfortable enough to walk right in. Take loving pride in your capacity to embrace and treat equally, every life-form in the kingdom. Prove to yourself again the power of your love alone to re-gain control where there is chaos, confusion, or loss.

Taurus of the Week: Mary Black

The "solution" is simple on paper, less easy to enact. Assume your right to choose, transcending the expectations of others, disregarding your own fear or suspicion. Replace personal doubt and societal pressure with your pure expression. Pursue personal desire with vigor and vim, until the needs of your heart are fully quenched/laid to rest.

Gemini of the Week: Ben Kweller

Mystics believe that all things are born at the "right" time. This week will be filled with your labor pains, for certain, crabs. To reach the other side, breathe with the following goal firmly in mind: that you emerge even more loving, considerate, and caring, but less afraid or reluctant. That your protective outer shell slides from your face to your backside, where it can more effectively "protect" you, without covering you up.

Cancer of the Week: Wiliam Hanna

Rely on the kid in you this week to tell you what to do and how to do it. Travel back as far as you need to go to capture your purest instinct, before you were clouded by cultural expectation, tainted by experience, or limited by social pressure.

Leo of the Week: Ferdinand Magellan's five ships set sail from Seville to circumnavigate the globe

Trade anything for that ONE sacred thing, virg. To receive your fate, simply lay your whole heart on the line. Let it dangle there as long as necessary, beating wildly for all to see. Allow it to speak without interruption, so that it may fully summon its desire and beckon its dreams. Let the rest of you stand by, confident that your most vulnerable/honest stance will eventually fill your deepest need.

Virgo of the Week: Chris Tucker

An acupuncture school in Manhattan reportedly hails a professor who claims to channel his father or grandfather spontaneously during his lectures, they using his body to transmit information. This is the perfect reminder for the scales this week. Not only does this real life tale remind you of what spiritual support is constantly there for you to receive, but it also subtly implies that every good teacher is first and foremost a willing student.

Libra of the Week: Nancy Kerrigan

Instead of getting involved in messy and/or dangerous games of power this week, turn your attention elsewhere, scorp. Specifically, concentrate on your own inner dialogue, become fully consumed with your own heart's communication, spend your time considering the most creative and thoughtful ways to translate it back to the people you love.

Scorpio of the Week: Jon Heder

Every bird deserves the chance to test its wings, don't you agree archer? Well keep that in mind this week, so that it's easier for you to allow the space that is necessary in certain of your personal relationships. Step back even the smallest bit, so that you can witness the potential of the "other", receive the gifts they bear and maximize the ability and potential of you BOTH.

Sagitarius of the Week: Caroline Kennedy

Your days will soon be filled to the brim with new activity and public appearance. As you round that corner, apply your tried and true methods of the past, including working hard, staying honest, and remaining dedicated to the team. Then add just a splash of confidence to the next horizon, speaking to us openly about your individual power of a deep and unwavering faith.

Capricorn of the Week: The L Word

Folly leads to fun, and vice-versa, water bearer. The more immediately you boldly move forward this week, the more instantly all things will grow. May your interactions be as genuine and authentic as possible, even if uncomfortable. May you blithely refuse all tom-foolery. The rewards of this include but are not limited to the following: massive momentum, inner calm, outer harmony, poetic fruitfulness.

Aquarius of the Week: M. Somerset Maughm

Freedom is as freedom does, fishes. The sea is yours for the taking. But for maximum swimming potential, you need travel as light as possible. The less extra weight you carry, the more velocity you gain, and the less of a chance you stand of being trapped. Leave your cargo at home where you can enjoy it later, after all your cruising is done for the day.

Pisces of the Week: David Gilmour