Week of January 22, 2009

Gather all your strength, courage, and shine from within now, rams. Learn that your own spirit is all the shelter you need from any storm. Your sharp focus can see you past even the most threatening rains. Total inner calm has the potential to quell all confusion, no matter how massive...

Aries of the Week: Pharrell

If there were ever a time to put your loving foot down, it would be N-O-W. There could be no better moment to assert your principles. This is an ideal week to act in favor of your values. It's a perfect opportunity to relinquish your knowledge, revealing your age-old wisdom regarding heaven on earth.

Taurus of the Week: New Orleans

Believe in the moment at hand. Your dream is alive and waiting on your doorstep. Go at your own pace, slow enough that you may digest the full reality of a wish granted. Let nothing come between you and the fulfillment in your midst. Be sure that no outside force takes away from the intimate ecstasy of this magical (re)union.

Gemini of the Week: Rosemary Clooney

Leave all masks and/or safety nets at home where they belong, crabs. Prepare for your absolute success this week by first assuming the appropriate public attitude. Dress the part. Gear up to pose as the prizewinner, complete with bells and whistles attached. Use what creative devices you've been blessed with to most flamboyantly announce your arrival, predict your guaranteed victory, symbolize your pure confidence.

Cancer of the Week: The karate Kid

You and your confidence are back with a vengeance, this time with perfect clarity. This exactifies your aim, spreading positive results throughout your immediate environment like wildfire. Continue to rule your roost diplomatically, gathering enough opinion and information that when it comes time to move forward, you are fully certain that the direction you take is in the interest of your entire family's evolution.

Leo of the Week: Sue Monk Kidd

Sacrifice loyalty for personal happiness? I double dog dare ya, virg. Try it out. Notice what nourishing effect it has on you? Good. Keep observing that phenomenon, i.e. the physical, emotional, and mental outcome of such self centeredness. You are thus more likely to proceed in that manner.

Virgo of the Week: "I dream of Genie"

Get your hands dirty this week, scales, along with your feet, your toes, your knickers. There in the untidy mess of things is your renewal. Yonder, in the chaos, is your relief. BeLOW, in the dirt, are hidden, unexpected treasures, proof of the eternal divine.

Libra of the Week: Sarah Bernhardt

Take what hand you are offered this week, scorp. If a certain part of the fruit you are given looks unhealthy, eat around the rotten parts. Accept even the scraps. Collect them as eagerly as you would gold. In the end, those crumbs will add up to a delicious feast. Embrace the challenge to seek the diamond in the rough, extract the truth among lies, reach past false temptation to authentic worth.

Scorpio of the Week: "Lost"

GO all over the place archers. The more diverse, the better. The wider the array of your experience, the easier it is to levitate beyond the hum-drum, into the limitlessness of the universe at large. Travel around, exposing yourself to stimuli varying enough to at least expose what options exist and are still fully possible.

Sagitarius of the Week: Arhundati Roy

Begin your own personal sabbath. Defend and protect thyself by taking a simple vacation this week, breaking not only from the work itself but from all the anxiety surrounding it. Lay your burdens down. It's the necessary step at this time, the proper respite from the intensity of the labor you most recently endured. Chill. It's only natural/logical.

Capricorn of the Week: Joey McIntyre

It's the part of the show where the wizard emerges from behind the curtain, revealing his/her strengths, weaknesses, wishes, ideals, powers, and intentions. Disrobe, then, water bearer, letting this week mark the beginning of "you" front and center stage, the place where your message can be most easily deciphered, and fed to the starving masses.

Aquarius of the Week: Carole King

Disregard all "phobias", fish. Let them pass by as clouds do, drifting away, floating on, to reveal the clear blue skies of your personal truth and vivid life wisdom. Greet each day with the strength of your imagination, the willingness of your fantasies, the command of your considerate nature towards others, the integrity of the respect you possess for sacred life.

Pisces of the Week: L'Orfeo