Week of January 14, 2009

As you "gear" up for the next adventure, take that idea most literally. Get prepared in all ways, over-supplying yourself with the accurate resources. Also: sacrificing any superfluous material will make all the difference when faced with certain key challenges on your up and coming odyssey.

Aries of the Week: John Oates

Move past the instinct to hold it in. This will only make any given situation infinitely more difficult to eventually get out of. The more you cling, the more agonizing things are bound to become, time moving like molasses. On the other hand, the less of a hold you try to maintain, the more power and relief you shall be instantly and simultaneously granted. For the sake of movement, then, relinquish!

Taurus of the Week: The Eiffel Tower

To your intimate pleasure and pain, you will begin to learn the secrets of your true happiness. For better or worse, you'll gain an enhanced understanding of who/what you require for total fulfillment. Brace thy twin selves, and breathe in the potent information. Your wholeness is worth whatever ache such sorrow or glory may temporarily stir up.

Gemini of the Week: "Return of the Jedi"

Dry your eyes. No, really, I mean it. The sooner you realize the sad fest is over, the faster you can get to the party, where everyone is waiting eagerly to watch you show off your latest, most stylish moves and grooves, hot off your personal press.

Cancer of the Week: "Dewdrops in the Garden"

If/when your sight gets clouded, take a step back. From that standpoint, you'll at least have the chance to notice some details that you may have missed in in the interim. Such tedious analysis could make all the difference in your current understanding, state of being, or ability to make decisions, despite the "boredom" of the task.

Leo of the Week: Carol Mosely Braun

Take the credit this week virg. Combine your humble work ethic with a new-found total knowledge of your labor's value. That added communication begins to re-vivify your sense of self worth, enhancing the electricity of your connections, strengthening your artistry, swiftening the pace of all positive outcomes.

Virgo of the Week: Alberta Williams King

In order to be totally free of the itty bitty details, you'll have to first fully understand them. To totally evolve beyond the hum-drum of the scenario, be able to grasp and explain every hidden nuance. Then, you'll be asked to re-organize all that you learn according to your own creative instinct, re-discovering your personally unique ways of integrating the truth.

Libra of the Week: Saturday Night Live

More than usual you'll have the ability to see through the darkness. You're capable of being so far out of the woods this week that you may not even recognize your surroundings. Whatever you do, once you're out of the box, don't get back in. You'll adjust to your new-found liberty over time, even if you have to "rough it" a little at first.

Scorpio of the Week: Bert Jansch

Take your turn in the hot seat, the judgment chair, etc, this week. To discern most clearly, utilize the fullness of your senses. First use your two sharp eyes to see with, open your big ears to hear the universal beat with. Use your feet to pursue it, your lungs and throat to claim it!

Sagitarius of the Week: Nyc's first daily newspaper-American Minerva

Recently a friend sent me a video clip of sixteen goats climbing first up and then back down a tree. I see that as an omen of what willingness you possess to fly, and your descent as a realization that those branches may be solely for the birds. Your sturdy bods need solid land to travel, a dense mountain and/or country side to sink your teeth fully into.

Capricorn of the Week: Kristy Swanson

Embrace thyself. Get used to the idea that your truth is fully welcomed here. You need not hide or hold back your futuristic urges. As the season of your birth approaches, prepare for maximum altitude of your being. Celebrate YOU with dance, song, laughter, nudity, story-telling, mimicry etc. Practice pure expression regardless of the context.

Aquarius of the Week: The Beatles first US tour

All that measuring got you going crazy, fish? Then go ahead and skip the whole process, letting loose the flood gates of your love and wishes. Feel free to let the vast ocean of your dreams sweep you (and anyone else) away. Constant access to your desire is all you'll need to survive those wild, untamed waters.

Pisces of the Week: Bret Michaels