Week of January 6, 2009

You might as well accept your death. It's easier that way, rams. Struggle not against the tides of change which threaten to break you and all your walls down. Their power is your release, your relief, your bliss. Imagine yourself in the following pose, indicating your readiness: hands outstretched, eyes closed, chest protruding, head titled slightly back, face expressionless, shoulders relaxed.

Aries of the Week: Steve McQueen

Be ruthless in your approach. You can afford to be so cocky, being as certain as you are of your love for others. Specifically, feed not what you do not wish to grow. On the other hand, lavish your attention exclusively upon the areas you desire to see thrive.

Taurus of the Week: the first wagon train to hit the oregon trail

Aim for the following specific objective: that every interaction/communication is the purest representation of your thoughts and/or emotions. Practice this whenever you remember to do so creating a poster or banner, i.e. little notes to remind yourself of the goal if necessary. The effect will be immediate enough to enforce a deep, continuous momentum.

Gemini of the Week: P.T. Barnum's first circus tour

When asking yourself the following question; "Do I have enough love/forgiveness to give?", don't be fooled. Your supply is endless. So don't waste any time trying to decipher the answer. The more relevant question is how your flow should be directed, and to whom. This week is an ideal time to aim your loving current in a precise manner. This will require both absolute clarity and total inner strength.

Cancer of the Week: "A Tale of Two Cities"

You will learn quickly in the weeks to come that less is more. Your point will come across stronger whenever you aren't trying so hard to prove it. The more laid-back you are in your attempt to convey those ideas, the better they shall be heard. A relaxed confidence is key to most easily enduring the challenges posed.

Leo of the Week: John Turteltaub

Focus-not so much on what's already happened, but on the journey that still lies ahead. I predict that whatever relief is promised around the corner is enough to boost your momentum, get your motors of anticipation up and running, hurdle you right past any long-standing "humps" in the road.

Virgo of the Week: Charles Darwin's HMS Beagle

You don't have to give EVERYTHING all at once, scales. Pace yourself, and distribute your resources according to what you can afford to give, based on your current emotional, mental, or physical state. Bear in mind that your refusal could even act as the perfect medicinal remedy, depending on the particular case at hand.

Libra of the Week: Outer Space Treaty

Breathe deep, scorp. You're almost at the end of this. Whatever you do, don't close your eyes, and don't shut your engine off. Stay awake and alive, looking what you fear most directly in the eye. Examining your anxieties/fears allows you the eventual freedom from them that you desire. Only by passing through them may you take your (eternal) liberty of them ghosts.

Scorpio of the Week: Roy Rogers

A recent article/critique on modern art, featured in "Adbusters" ends with the following quote: "If you want more meaningful art, build a more meaningful world." Consider it a personal challenge to you archers this week. Ponder over the various ways you may create the life you wish to have, practicing acceptance of the notion that you have total control over your environment and your circumstances. Let your design/strategy be a reflection of what loving responsibility you now assume.

Sagitarius of the Week: the Royal Opera House

If you could, WOULD you, pain notwithstanding? To make it happen, you'll have to suffer through sweaty palms, lightheadedness, a dizzy stomach, the whole scary works. Your fortune currently demands such enormous risk. It only makes sense: once you reach the top of the mountain, the only thing left to do is J-U-M-P.!

Capricorn of the Week: Simone de Beauvoir

Casually administer your potent medicine, water bearer. This makes your job less of a burden and your life-changing revelations easier to bear. Love yourself through all that you do and say and others will follow your lead. Gently go about being yourself. Then respect comes naturally to you, from all sides.

Aquarius of the Week: James

Your longing is enough to kill you this week, fish. But it's also enough to set you free, and begin what is scheduled to be a year-long celebration of your victory. Trade your espionage for direct communication. Instead of peeking in, speak up. Assert your vision, with glee and certainty. Then everyone has access to your powerful wisdom, which derives straight from your heart's cleverest groove.

Pisces of the Week: Michelangelo