Week of December 26, 2008

This week requires one tactic, which is more easily recommended than pulled off. But you rams are quick learners and once you master a lesson, you're often at the head of the class, a paragon of excellence, a shining example. But before you think about playing that role, acknowledge your leaders. Who is best to follow and what doctrines are best to espouse? Surrender to those voices first. Listen close to their instruction, before use.

Aries of the Week: the match

The only mistake you could possibly make would be to stop altogether what you're doing. That's the only thing you should avoid, bulls. Regardless of what you face this week, continue movement. That's the way to foil what brick walls may be looming on your path. Change your rhythm if necessary, but keep the beat. Nothing is promised to you unless you push forward.

Taurus of the Week: Jonathan Toews

You have every right to inhabit this earth, twins. You may do what you wish with your life, on your own terms. So be not confused and do not grow discouraged. The trials before you are solely meant to strengthen your sense of purpose and clarify your point of view. The stronger the resistance grows, the firmer you get the chance to become, if only you are able to consider every objection to your cause as an invaluable challenge to become more certain.

Gemini of the Week: Robyn

Let the circle be broken. Sound the alarms, to signal the change that's occurring. As ungrounding as it may feel, may you crabs understand the liberating nature of the disaster before you, If that's what you choose to call it, anyway. I suspect that with a better view, you'll notice it's more like an answered prayer, a call to resume faith, a cleansing tidal wave of immense healing power.

Cancer of the Week: Special Olympics

Stay perched and poised, cats. Keep a proper distance, so that your vision never gets blurred. You'll want to catch the details of the image before you. It's such a relief to know the truth, no matter what damage it may do to your ego. I suggest you don't worry to much about that. The only thing important now is your total awareness, which, as long as you can give your personal feelings a rest, you are granted full access to this week.

Leo of the Week: Mister Cee

Practice nonchalance this week, virg. Do as you always do, but with less concern regarding the consequences. Keep your game as tight as ever, but don't look twice at your audience. Give of you freely, simply because you WANT to, only when you choose to, not because you're feeling pressure to do so. It makes the whole experience of being you a million times more satisfying/less exhausting.

Virgo of the Week: Big Daddy Kane

You are among the most loyal members of the zodiac. In fact, your dedication to what you love is just like a miracle. This week I hope you tell as many people as you find about what you believe in, and why. Speak about what you trust, shedding light on it's pure intention. Show others how to use their sharpest sense in order to locate places of pure peace and harmony.

Libra of the Week: M Ward

Love until it hurts, scorpio. You won't die, I promise. At most, you'll just be reborn, most likely into some enormous, hovering bird, with night vision. Remember that all your knowledge comes through your purest emotions. For the sake of enlightenment, then, may you bleed. Reverse the curse of your strongest sentiments by first fully acknowledging and experiencing them.

Scorpio of the Week: the first known photos of the Loch Ness Monster

Practice putting others first this week, archers. I predict it will be a refreshing change from obsessing over your own life's path. I'm also certain that such interaction can only foster your personal growth as well. Currently you may only open certain doors using the keys that others hold. Spend some time figuring out who exactly Im referring to, and then how best to go about obtaining their secrets...

Sagitarius of the Week: Beth Orton

Somewhere over the rainbow... What's at the end of the road, goats? It's important to remember the goal, keeping it in your sight now, so that you never forget why it is that you "struggle". Maintain the spirit of the sacred ground you are traveling to your whole way there. This will maintain your motivation and provide focus at the moments where it's needed. Despair not, goats. Just keep your eyes fastened on the prize.

Capricorn of the Week: Carlton Fisk

This week will blow your mind, water bearers. Even you could not predict the ache, the glory, or the splendor of the raw revelations before you. Be guided by your most inner sense, to a place of calm and truth. Stay awake, even through the storms. The more authority you give to the ever changing tides, the more certain you are to grow/become empowered.

Aquarius of the Week: Bridget Fonda

Speak up, fish! Don't hold your tongue! If the crowds are too boisterous, then turn up your volume. You can still remain as playful, loving, or comical as you wish to be, just with a little more force. Tell us, specifically, about the places you've been, the sights you have seen, and the people you have loved. Let those stories begin to explain what choices you creatively make.

Pisces of the Week: The Loves of Mars and Venus, the first Ballet in England