Week of December 18, 2008

Just do right by what you : know, believe in, and strive for. There will be plenty of opportunity to move this week. At all moments, may you remain alert enough to act in a way that immediately reflects where you stand now, and where you are trying to get to. Let your response be a symbol of what hope, faith, and willpower you strongly possess.

Aries of the Week: The Neverending Story

Money equals time this week. I don't mean that in the literal sense of the dollar, bulls. All I mean to say is-make use of your interactions, both internal and external. More than usual can be gained from those engagements now. Follow your nose. Let it lead you to higher, brighter, safer ground. Take those you love with you, using a heavier hand if necessary.

Taurus of the Week: Sitting Bull leads the Lakota into Canada to avoid harassment by the US army

Knowledge equals pain this week-initially, anyway. Eventually that nakedness will be equal to pure joy and flowy romance. NOTE For as much truth as you offer is as much as that which you'll receive. You shall both learn of and tell the intimate secrets of transformation. To help along the magic process, act most immediately upon your receipt and/or transmission of what sacred wisdom is now available.

Gemini of the Week: "Speaking in Tongues" by Talking Heads

Perfect your game. This isn't for the purpose of impressing or competing with anyone, but rather for the sake of harvesting your total wishes. If/when you are at a loss, consult your trusty and timely spirit guides, both human and non, for tips on how to manage best, in premium form...

Cancer of the Week: Giorgio Armani

Sell whatever goods are required to maintain your independence. Sacrifice everything BUT your personal power and objective. To keep karma sailing in a positive direction, be generous of spirit. That works to increase the magnitude of your brilliance and capability, as opposed to keeping it locked down.

Leo of the Week: "Macbeth"

You will have to LOOK for reasons to keep the faith this week, virgo. They won't hunt you down or scream and shout at you to gather your attention. Focus and read between the lines in order to discern where such secrets to success may be hiding. Believe it when you see it, and let no shred of doubt poison what opportunity those good omens present.

Virgo of the Week: The Hudson River

You're about to solve the mystery. To achieve total enlightenment, leave your libido out of the equation. The less distracted you are by the physical, the more apparent the spirit will be. Use your desire only as a means of locating the truth this week. Your ultimate discovery is worth what self control it demands.

Libra of the Week: Naomi Watts

Know your own agenda as well as that of those you interact with. Be certain of what to oblige and what not to. This week will be filled with all types of negotiations. Some of those contracts are in your better interest while others are more geared at slavery. Take your time, then, before you sign anything, using your sharpest senses to make the proper distinction, preserving your dignity at all costs.

Scorpio of the Week: Jerome Bonaparte

The point is not to defeat or deflect challenge altogether this week, archers. Rather, the goal is how BETTER to handle the obstacles which present themselves, and to make conscious daily efforts to overcome them. Explore all your options, celebrating the victories, large and small. No matter what, you're on your way...

Sagitarius of the Week: "Father of the Bride"

Get organized. What do you need in order to reach your goals safely and swiftly? Know who/what you can count on as well as the reasons why. Do whatever you must do right now in order to meet your personal standards. Compromise everything but your ultimate intentions. Be dilligent, deliberate, and downright belligerent in your plan to ascend the mountain.

Capricorn of the Week: Woodrow Wilson

To get to the bottom of things, you're gonna have to speak directly with and to the person, place or thing you aim to understand. Observation will only get you so far in this case, water bearers. Interaction is required for enhanced and detailed comprehension. May you find the courage to face that which fascinates you, frightens you, and cuts you down to size most this week.

Aquarius of the Week: "The French Chef"

You are privy to the illness as much as the remedy. While you administer the cure, cover you. Make sure you are well protected, on all sides, so that you can safely give of your magic medicine, without fear of harm. Your special stuff is potent enough to arouse the herds. Give yourself what distance and solid ground you need to avoid their stampede.

Pisces of the Week: Uranus