Week of December 11, 2008

You will travel through hell in order to reach heaven, rams. To increase adventure while avoiding disaster, trust your gut and be brave. Also, be wise enough to receive the help that is offered. Don't let your pride stand in the way of partnership, which is necessary to your triumph, your glory, your shine...

Aries of the Week: The Matrix

First they're gonna take away your favorite pillow, maybe tomorrow you will run out of gas, etc. etc. Accept what fate you are handed this week bulls. Every spin of destiny's wheel is meant to make you stronger, less dependent, and more dynamic. Without crutches, you can fly right and straight, for longer periods of time.

Taurus of the Week: Grace Jones

You may fly so far out of your head, in the spirit of all that is one, that you may forget what happened only moments ago. In that case, I advise you keep a recording device handy. Either that or make a concentrated effort to pause/ recollect it all. You'll need full access to total awareness in order to transcend to new levels of being.

Gemini of the Week: Keenen Wayans

Once you are aware of what negative pattern/bad habit is holding you back this week, be not afraid to let it go. To facilitate the process, cease your hiding. Give us the real, true you, the most raw, authentic version, complete with bruises and scars. Would it help to inform you that the world so happens to be in severe need of your simple, deadpan way of doing it?

Cancer of the Week: Richie Sambora

As leader, it's up to you to manage the debts of your community. Start thinking about who you all owe, and more importantly, WHAT you could offer that would begin to communicate your gratitude, your awareness, your sincere determination to set things right. With the season of gift giving right around the corner, it's the perfect time of year to gain approval by what you deal out, to illustrate your best efforts, and to restore credit.

Leo of the Week: Laurence Fishburne

I know you'll never stop caring for displaced animals. You find such creatures beautiful in their need and you are ever determined to help them survive. However, keep in mind that a wounded being is a wounded being, and could turn at any moment, even and most especially on their caretaker. Protect thyself, and pretty please stay wise. Maintain your vision of their future transformation, but stay honest about where they are currently, in the interest of optimal health and personal safety.

Virgo of the Week: BJ Armstrong

Make it your job to elevate the spirit, scales. If/when you are feeling the burden of life crash down upon you, stand up and cheer. Should your "captors" hold you back/down communicate the bright lightness of spirit unconsciously then. This will remind you that the more they try to extinguish your expression, the louder it will get. Neither your applause or your revolution can ever be truly stifled. *****

Libra of the Week: Glen Gould

Get out of there, scorp! You have what leaping power is required to jump right out of any harmful fires/burning buildings. Ribbet! Make like a frog and bounce! Once you start feeling dizzy, that's your cue that it's time to elevate. This week you'll feel you understand enough to properly say goodbye, and then hullo...

Scorpio of the Week: Henry Winkler

I am confident that you can withstand the malay with what natural, easy focus you have. You'll need to be as positively driven as you are vastly imaginative to break free of these chains. Open up your heart and stay adamantly determined to move past those obstacles, and you most certainly will, brave one.

Sagitarius of the Week: Kirk Cameron

This week is an opportune time to end the hassle of an old cycle, once and for all, by way of pointed expression. Send off the chronic ways, in a casket of your own creation. Drop it at the bus station, kiss it goodbye and leave on good terms. Your farewell is just a promise to turn towards fresh development.

Capricorn of the Week: Lisa Lisa

The more perspective you gather, the better. The wider the array of opinion at your disposal, the more likely you will find the precise remedy. Practice forgetting what you know so that you may absorb new information this week water bearer. The less anticipatory you be, the greater the chance for healing and inspiration. Expect nothing in particular but everything in general.

Aquarius of the Week: Frank Miller

Let the poet in your heat arise this week. Spend as little time as possible "explaining" yourself. Instead, merrily skip along to your own fascinations. Worry not who it does or does not please. Have total confidence that all will turn out well, timing will be exact, and karma will be restored.

Pisces of the Week: "Good Times"