Week of December 4, 2008

Take the cues which are being given, rams. Sing/act when it's time to, and don't be shy. But before you begin, spend some time alone with your heart. Hear what it's really saying. Laugh with it, cry to it, allow it to instruct you. Let those sentiments dictate your performance, so that everything stays fair and square.

Aries of the Week: Pharrell Williams

Make a trade, bulls. Give something up. Let it's death occur. Relinquish that which you've been holding on to so that it can truly live. Once you surrender that which is most precious, it gains the opportunity to fully breathe, thereby revealing it's maximum potential.

Taurus of the Week: T-Boz

May you bend down low in order to receive a holy antidote. Go limp enough that you can be fully healed. A powerful force/tide is barreling towards you at the moment. May you travel with/submit to it, permitting it to fully overpower you with the strength of it's love and understanding. Let it dominate you, hang you out to dry, etc...

Gemini of the Week: George Clinton

It's time to put your knowledge into actions, crabs. Reveal the magic formula, and better yet, model it for all to see. Prove its effectiveness by what immediate results you gather. Open your door wide, so that any and all may receive your pure medicine. Don't be afraid to feed the masses. It's not the type of resource that "runs out."

Cancer of the Week: Chris Cornell

Sometimes wild animals must travel far from home in order to know it. But now that you are certain of where to hang your hat, shout it from the mountaintop. Your discovery will benefit the herds, without a doubt. Speak loudly and clearly, lions. Let your constant gratitude and beaming style be a symbol of your (our) arrival.

Leo of the Week: Yves St. Laurent

Every season has a purpose. This week stay in close touch. Each day/ most moments will feel as if they carry a particular significance. It will be up to you, however, to stay in tune enough to determine first the individual meaning and ultimately the overall message being slowly spelled out.

Virgo of the Week: "Bad"

Whenever you like/love something or someone this week, scales, make a special show of it. Confront what pleases you most by simply displaying the joy it brings you. Experience relief and romance for the mere sake of it. There is no need to explain your bliss. Allow that which brings you happiness to do so, with no additional monitoring.

Libra of the Week: Jade Jagger

Examine your fears, scorp. As excruciating as the process may feel, it's worth what growth it will cause. My best advice this week is : don't stop. Breathe through and into the darkest spaces. Take the obstacles unto you so that they may eventually cave in to your own loving arms. That's the safest place for them, considering how inexhaustible your own heart is.

Scorpio of the Week: Antony Hegarty

The struggle is soon to perish, archers. Let it. Instead use what energy is left over to determine your next move. With one or both feet removed from battle, you're allowed the proper time and space to be your own guide. Sacrifice drama as a way of communicating your interest in a more lasting source of nourishing fulfillment.

Sagitarius of the Week: Mary Todd Lincoln

Travel light, goats. Then your access to the spirit remains constant. Refuse temptation, using your patient center to wait on your fortune. See past false pledges and generic promises relying on the vision of your integrity. Resolve to endure what time it takes to bear a certain fruit and open enough to receive it when the time is ripe.

Capricorn of the Week: Jam Master Jay

It's official. No one else can do it for you, and maybe not even WITH you. Get it started, water bearers, and be extra flagrant in your attempt to lift all eyes towards something brighter. Stay trusting enough to remain open of heart and mind. You'll need to be that vulnerable in order to receive fuel/assistance along the way.

Aquarius of the Week: Pamela Colman Smith

Be obvious, fish. That's the surest path beyond whatever paranoia/fear is preventing you from having things your way. Don't beat around any bushes right now. It's not worth the risk. The more inevitable your message, the likelier it can exist in the real world. Be straightforward and plain enough that all confusion may peacefully die.

Pisces of the Week: Wyatt Earp