Week of November 28, 2008

Warriors, may you find this week, the strength to laugh in the faces of your enemies, dance in the midst of danger, proceed in spite of fear. The more you practice letting go and carrying on, the greater the momentum you'll gain. I know you're in a rush to get to paradise. For a swift arrival and accurate landing, behave as if you're constantly there.

Aries of the Week: Babyface

You win the prize this week,bulls. You are clearly the most prepared to pin the tail on the donkey. What timing you have, right as the season of the archer begins! You'll need that sense of rhythm for the moment of your victory. Be ready to shimmy, shake, groove, and grind, i.e. follow the movements of your traveling target. Courtship is the most effective form of pursuit.

Taurus of the Week: "Cooleyhighharmony"

Pause. That's the only way out. Strike a pose. Then the truth can come rushing through you. In a stationery position, you can notice the fine print, become intimate with the hairy details. Those intricacies will shock you with what beauty they possess, and they will let you rest deeply within them as well. Gaze upon and be nourished of them. You deserve (and need) to....

Gemini of the Week: Naomi Campbell

You've been trying to say something for a long time. Speak up! The moment is ripe for your revelations. You are as pumped as everyone else to let your total vision flow from you. Take your time to unveil. Once you start howling, sparks will fly for a long while-a seemingly endless spectacle of crackling thunder and lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cancer of the Week: "Who framed Roger Rabbit?"

Get as mad/sad/glad as you want to. If I accidentally pass by your house, I hope I see you through the window, pitching a fit, screaming and kicking or leaping from the couch. The more riled up you get, the better the omen. As your excitement mounts, you get closer to your heart's burning desire, which, incidentally, happens to be great news for EVERYone.

Leo of the Week: Casey Affleck

Strike a deal, virg. You know what you're after and you know how to carry out the negotiations. Look the person sitting across from you directly in the eye. With one loving but firm glance, tell them that you mean business. May you possess the self control required not to accept any substitutes and the glee-ful faith to believe that you may get exactly what you want.

Virgo of the Week: Rachel Ray

How involved should you get? This week, the closer you are to the action, the better. Study the history and become immersed in the current events. The stronger your connection to the people and their happenings, the more love you will feel, which will assist you in reaching a point of true resolution, the by-product of which is sweet, ethereal relief.

Libra of the Week: The Flinstones

I wish you luck and supplies this week, scorp, as you seek the mighty truth. Once you agree to know all the answers, you will get the help you need, both in revealing secrets and accepting them. Gather what resources you have, but be prepared to receive unexpected types of assistance too. A fresh approach will keep you open to letting the security of deception slip away, and confident enough to refuse the temptation of soothing ignorance.

Scorpio of the Week: RuPaul

You went ahead of the group, I see. Well then you won't be needing any guidance this time around. It's your turn to lead, archers. So just be yourself, and stay in tune with the times. Wear your most sincere face and stay in touch with the surroundings. Let loving inclination be your only tool for navigation. Do whatever it takes to make sure that you and those you care about most may continue to travel the open road.

Sagitarius of the Week: Jakob Dylan

Ignore the crowds. Just do what you came here to do, say what you traveled all this way to say. Act as if it's your only chance to do so, even though it's just the first of many opportunities to share your ideas. Use every possibility as a starting point. Get as far as you can with what time you've been given. Work your way in-to, precise and steady. Express what you are and aren't going for, and more importantly, WHY.

Capricorn of the Week: Shirley Bassey

To fly best, it's better not to stop. Make no final decisions while en route, but do notice the ever changing weather patterns, and do your best to adapt. Let your heart rise and fall to the challenges, whichever is necessary to keep moving. Follow the undulating beats of the wind to move through any turbulence. To be "pilot", simply model the heights.

Aquarius of the Week: Diane Lane

You are your heart, fish. So let it be the boss. Give it the authority to call out imposters, acknowledge true partnerships, embrace responsibility, but eliminate all un-necessary forms of martyrdom. Allow your center to also dole out your love, power, and gratitude. Finally, permit your soul to wish honestly, with no excess feelings of guilt.

Pisces of the Week: Mary Wilson