Week of November 21, 2008

You've got what spirit it takes to get the party STARTed. With your back to the past, you are poised to march assuredly onward. To lead the masses best and keep all fires stoked for as long as possible, the stars suggest you remain patient and organized as you adventure. Be firm in your poetic policy, relentlessly stubborn in your attempt to go forward.

Aries of the Week: Tito Puente

Drop your weight bulls. From anywhere you stand and/or sit- model total awareness in your style, heartily embracing yourself the change that it proposes. Exhibit the intentions of your most recent enlightenment. Offer to anyone who crosses your path, a tantalizing taste of the rich stew you've been marinating.

Taurus of the Week: Cedric the entertainer

You're the only leader. If that's not true, pretend-that there is no one who knows better than you what to do. Give props to the ones who helped you figure it out along the way and then start pushing your agenda. Blind other travelers with what blazing awareness and burning faith you possess. Reveal how hungry but gentle it's soul is. Your ferocity is merely passionate joy's deep urge to communicate.

Gemini of the Week: Al Jolson

When in the presence of students, children, and precious loved ones, may you let your guard down. Let loose the contents of your imagination! Hang your heart on a string, letting it flap wildly in the stream of consciousness. Allow your insides to be observed for long enough that their individual strengths and powers can be fully regarded. Stay vulnerable for as long as that requires, i.e. outSide of your warm, protective shell.

Cancer of the Week: Screaming Jay Hawkins

You always want to win, that's nothing newsworthy. The question is...HOW? What strategy would work best in this situation, besides faith in your ultimate triumph? HMMM. To figure it out best, lay down and back. Do some dreaming, opening your soul up to the spirit world. Let your ego dissolve into the hands of super-consciousness. Enough "rest" will cause you to remember exactly what to do, and with whom.

Leo of the Week: Marlon Wayans

The more resistance you put up towards the cosmic twists and turns, the more painful this will be. On the other hand, the more willing you are to let go to the motions at hand, the more oxygen you will be afforded and thus the more bliss you experience. This week : concern yourself less with making a choice, but more with surrendering to the natural vibration. These dynamics aren't meant to swing you off course, but rather to assist your evolution.

Virgo of the Week: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

You've never succumbed to the paradigm of tradition in the past.. You've been known to take what you need from it, and you've always been able to distinguish ritual, which bears no author other than the moon and stars from religion, a more human construct. Let your own truths spring forth from your wild heart now. For sharper vision, work from way outside the proverbial box.

Libra of the Week: T.I.

This week the lesson could be continually re-iterated- Notice who you shake hands with! Scorpions are famous for becoming heavily involved. With such a conscious, caring heart, it's no wonder! But the fates mean to at least make you examine your commitments now. Look closely at the effect your alliances have on you personally as well as the community at large. Make all pacts accordingly, beginning with the premise that ANY relationship could potentially be a source of magical satisfaction.

Scorpio of the Week: Stanley Tucci

It's true. You will be forced to make some difficult choices this week. They won't be tough calls in the sense of doing what's only logical, but old habits do die hard, archer. Hint*** Even the slightest turn away from the battle is also a step in a direction filled with opportunity, as opposed to meeting any disappointing dead ends.

Sagitarius of the Week: "Lucky" Luciano

Emerge from behind the walls of your secret chamber, goats. Give heaven and earth a sample of what you've been cultivating, even the smallest portion will do. It's past time to unleash the contents of your well formed plans. Give us, at least, a template, blueprint, or map, so thorough and stern that it begs no questions, but so user-friendly that absolutely anyone could digest its wisdom.

Capricorn of the Week: "Jackie Brown"

Get rid of all your old clothes this week, water bearer. Bury/let go of any of those items which are symbols of the past in a sacred rite. Similarly, step excitedly into your bright new garb, a reminder of the challenges met and an omen of what greatness is certain to come of your vigilant dedication to a higher purpose.

Aquarius of the Week: "The Score"

Have faith in your ability to gain acceptance in any situation using the simple power of your friendship. Whenever you are at a loss of how to communicate this week, present your loyalty. Before you can offer any of your life-changing discoveries and antidotes, you'll need their trust. Once things are established on such non-threatening terms, they will each eat of your theories and ideas as if they were chocolate cake.

Pisces of the Week: Rhianna