Week of November 14, 2008

Rams we can't hear you all the way! Raise your game/voice even more if necessary. Be flexible in your approach. Do whatever you must just to prove how willing you are to go for your dreams. Remain as ready to act as to listen. The more information/inspiration you gather on your path, the easier it will be to keep treading.

Aries of the Week: The Office

Return to the places that make simple sense to you now. You are in need of basic nourishment and sweet nothingness. Go to where you call home for a moment. Your time there is meant to be sacred, enlightening, relaxing, and clarifying.

Taurus of the Week: Pete Seeger

You've got nothing to lose, twins. The more you stick your neck out now, the more likely and lengthy your personal happiness. The open road has no limits, especially regarding matters of the heart. To even things out, show no regret. Simply act in a way that offsets the rest of the story.

Gemini of the Week: Michelle Philips

The stars came up with a BRILLIANT idea. The heavenly bodies advise that this week you crabs follow their lead...i.e Stay in your position, let the world revolve around you, sparkle n shine from on high, openly displaying your brightness from the tallest points. Be like the lights in the night sky, navigatory wizards, majestically guiding all weary travelers out of exile.

Cancer of the Week: Screaming Jay Hawkins

Your wounds won't disappear just like that! They need your love and attention! Once you fully address those areas, your success in the world will resume, and with greater strength than before. Wander around in your fantasy world this week, lions. Romance is always the fastest way to bring a lion to life.

Leo of the Week: John Landis

Reveal the total splendor of your magic this week Virgins. Observe the nature of the forces which are subsequently released. Pay close attention to the feelings that arise within and the changes that occur without once you begin to fully flow. Take note of what heightened sensations are born of your richest gifting.

Virgo of the Week: Conway Twitty

The competition is stronger than ever. But I'd advise you pay no attention to that race. Just do your thing, scales. Walk your walk/ talk your talk. Exhibit your style whether there's a crowd there to see it or not. In truth, your own experience with the universe is more key to your ecstasy than your achievements and/or popularity.

Libra of the Week: Lourdes Leon

You are stronger than the limitations of the present, more clever than the past, and more willfull than the jaws of destiny. Unveil the rebel within you, letting it's massive wings unfurl. As you prepare to ascend straight upwards- more like a swooning cannonball than a feathery bird-experience the glory of taking fully off. Kiss your loved ones as you go. Assure them you will return, with a lighter, but more valuable load.

Scorpio of the Week: Joni Mitchell's "Hejira"

Pause for reflection. Experience, in the stillness, the praise and recognition that is due to you. Receive the respect you deserve and give yourself full credit for your total struggle. Bid the battlegrounds goodbye until there is nothing left but the memory of your purest efforts, which carry you onwards in their brightness.

Sagitarius of the Week: "Glory"

My father, a wise and experienced Indian, is of the solid belief that one should choose their battles, and also be willing to let certain things go. This advice is now crucial to you goats/captains. Decide what's most important right now. Where exactly will you invest your time and energy? With this more focused approach to your authority, see if you don't solve certain problems more rapidly and less dramatically than before.

Capricorn of the Week: Trudi Styler

As unique as you are, you also belong with US, water bearer. To be reminded of that idea this week: Dream for as often as you work. Be alone for as much as you are among family. Engage in critical analysis as often as you freely play. Dance and shake it up whenever you aren't studying, to release certain long standing tension(s).

Aquarius of the Week: Norman Rockwell

How much risk should you take? That all depends on the context of the situation. Take the elements and their chemistry into consideration, imagine the possibilities, and then take a hearty leap. You'll always have a choice, most immediately accessed via the G-U-T or third eye.

Pisces of the Week: "Lost in Yonkers"