Week of November 7, 2008

Don't fight the feeling, rams. You're having it for a reason. Trust it's nagging demands, even if you must do a little more work than you are used to in order to meet its desire. Hitting your direct target requires more focus and therefore more patience. Stay committed to the task of such accuracy. It will free you.

Aries of the Week: Lucy Lawless

Forget about what's ailing you bulls. Just don your finest apparel and do some dancing/stretching. Move so continually that you never get too weighed down. Do lots of flirting, without making any serious promises. Strut your stuff, and leave your work at home. You're in the mood for free love.

Taurus of the Week: Indra Devi

This week my friend bought a H-O-T new record player named the "Gemini". Take it from the stars, twins. Things are spinning around like so and melody is abundant. Follow the rhythm of the tune, doing your best to tap it out. Pursue it's every intimate beat, letting it get into your mind and soul. That should keep you busy (and happy) for a good long while.

Gemini of the Week: Shia LaBeouf

You're about to be re-united with a long lost friend. Congratulations! Your heart will soon be replenished and your desire rekindled. The time you all spend together is pure rapture, a combination of sweet kisses and electrical abundance.

Cancer of the Week: "The Catcher in the Rye"

Barack Obama, our new commander-in-chief, is also a Leo. I'd advise him in the same way I'd advise the rest of you lions if you were to face such responsibility. First I'd tell you to take it one day at a time. Then I'd suggest you keep your eyes wide open, so that you don't miss anything. Finally I'd remind you that when in doubt, look UP. In moments of confusion and/or difficulty, keep your head and heart firmly raised, determined to hear the highest call.

Leo of the Week: the Edge

Make an offering. Hopefully it'll be one they can't refuse. If not, then continue to make the necessary adjustments. Be as sincere as you are straight-forward, without exerting too much pressure. Be as dilligent in gathering a response as you are open to hearing what it is. Mystery is then more easily revealed and love more easily shared.

Virgo of the Week: Jimmy Fallon

Check your facts. Then check them again. That makes your work easier once you're in the throes of it. Business transactions are much smoother if you come prepared. Build your mental and physical strength while increasing your wisdom. Then your decision making feels less like a risk and more like the exact next best move.

Libra of the Week: CL Smooth

It's your turn to guard the hearth, ok scorpio? You'll get as much out of that as everyone else, I promise. In that stationery position, you'll re-learn old facts as well as get the chance to comprehend new lessons. It'll give you the time to get back in touch with your omniscent center of being, empowering you to move forward fearLESSly.

Scorpio of the Week: Vanilla Ice

Archers remember that anywhere your arrow lands, the targeted person,place, or thing is immediately and forever altered. Recall and then contemplate that insight into your power this week. Examine previous results so that you may become more certain of your current intentions. Meditate on the idea of destroying but also regenerating your next victim.

Sagitarius of the Week: "The White Album"

If ever I had enough courage to jump the next mystery train, headed to nowhere, I sure hope you're the driver. You are a clear-headed, loving navigator with ample knowledge of the terrain at hand. I trust you to dispense and utilize the wisdom you are akin to at the appropriate moments, averting us from tragedy and guiding us gently to safety.

Capricorn of the Week: Zooey Deschanel

You don't have to give the past up all at once. But it's definitely the right time to start letting go completely of the old ways. Fill that void by modeling your own, newest ideas, goals, etc. Reveal your novel magic recipe with every move you make. You already have a large audience. But don't sweat that. Just begin your performance.

Aquarius of the Week: Edward Burns

Be prepared to experience deep joy and lasting pleasure this week. Let it wash over you, hands and heart outstretched. You deserve and also need this type of nourishment right now. The gifts you are soon to receive are a symbol of your honor as well as tools of restoration. Drink up (2 times).

Pisces of the Week: Andy Horace