Halloween 2008

It is you who carries the secret. It has always been true. Somewhere amidst your bag of tricks and riddles, there is an actual key that opens the door to ecstasy. Time is necessary for a few reasons though. For one thing, you're consumed with so many projects, you may not be able to hear amidst the clatter and the heat. It's best to stay up to date because this hidden castle is always moving and changing, switching position as well as form, as fleeting and evanescent as the clouds or the seas. A playful but direct approach just BEGINS to exactify your aim.

Aries of the Week: Don Mattingly

Be as friendly as you are to the point. Both are necessary for continued warmth and abundance. Harbor no resentment, lest you be shut out from the people, palaces, and things you love most. Be open of heart and style so that you may have continued access to your dreamsssss. Lead with a loving but non--threatening grip. Help others through the doors by being responsible for and true to your own heart.

Taurus of the Week: Eric Satie

Skip the body double and carry out your personal business solo. Recall now that love, unlike other games and ventures, does NOT require your constant dodging and/or manipulation. But it does demand that you relax and stay put, at least long enough to let the feeling sink fully in. Riding this wave is more possible when you trust your feelings. Allow such wilderness to spin you into the oblivion of a paradise you have never experienced before- a nurturing place where you may let your guard completely down, finally able to experience the total miracle of being.

Gemini of the Week: Maxi Priest

How can life be moving so fast? Well, it does, cancer, and you'd better keep up too. Don't let me catch you fake sleeping when the "bombs" go off. Maybe they sound threatening at first. But perhaps they are booming just loudly enough to ring in the new times/your champion-hood. Make it your job this week to find the spark within you, the part that is forever looking forward to good news, the flame inside your heart that still gets excited at the thought that your love alone can overcome ANYthing. Jump-start your heart, enough that your waters overflow, washing away the past, cleansing the pain so completely that you may once again swim freely through the open, orgasmic waters of your heart.

Cancer of the Week: Mo Money Mo Problems

This week I caught you looking in the mirror a lot. That's typical and it's nothing new. What has changed and is therefore sure to make a big difference in the course of events which are soon to unfold are your REASONS for doing so. Lions: you have NEVER looked so sincere yet so proud, so ready for victory, yet so humble, so totally confident yet completely sweet, so passionate yet focused, so certain yet so willing to listen. Hold that pose! And keep your hair just like that! You look adorable but also strong. Purrrr-fect.

Leo of the Week: David Duchovny

You're the crooner, right? You can often be caught serenading your sweetheart, droplets of sweat sliding down your face, your heart beating wildly with passion? But that's also you walking quietly beside your lover, eating peaceful dinners with your granny and listening to your best friend tell stories? Yep, and that's also you dancing naked, alone in your bedroom, alternating between electric scientific jiggling and dramatic poetic reflection. Ya, that's right plus soooooo much more...

Virgo of the Week: "Rashomon"

Stay positive. Your partners need your upbeat attitude right now, and you'd be relieved to offer it. That's how things get better for everyone! Once you speak of, and even better act upon your most philosophical ideals, everyone can be free of the dark, and move happily on towards the light, where things are more lively, luckier, altogether more ****charmed****.

Libra of the Week: Confucius

The needle that breaks your back this week is also the one that will save you in the end, scorpio. Keep that in mind in the days ahead if/when you feel any feelings of discomfort. It'll be even harder to remember this once the walls come tumbling down, but if you can do so, it won't be as tough to push through to the other side either, where things are drastically different. It's like the contrast of night and day, so striking is the distinction between what WAS, there in the safety zone, and what IS once you leave that security behind and let gooooooo.

Scorpio of the Week: The Benny Hill Show

Let someone else be the killer for a change, archers. Put down your weapons and take a little rest. Float on over to the nearest piano, cutting board, day-bed, and/or easel. Get lost inside your creative world of art and craft. Become consumed with your design, composition, etc. This shaves off some excess heat/puts it to use, releasing pressure, which makes everything more bearable (for EVERYone :)

Sagitarius of the Week: Tori Amos

So what if you're the only thing/person holding this ship down/keeping it from sinking? Go ahead and laugh in the face of any fear that could potentially cause. Because you are CERTAINLY strong, smooth, and wise enough to do it. Your perfect posture is innate, goats. Your patience is inborn. Just sit back. Let things unfold and unravel. Pay close attention, but trust the partnership you have in the world that surrounds you. They can and will shoulder the rest of the work it takes to "make it". (They had/have an excellent teacher....)

Capricorn of the Week: Maurice and Robin Gibb

Your ability to see beyond the moment can muscle you and me both down the road a bit further. I suggest you put on your sexiest, most attractive costume and saddle up on your strongest horse. Choose what partner(s) can travel the distance with you, move at the necessary speed, and endure the length of time it takes to get there, without complaining. Join up wisely. There are those who are willing to work hard enough to secure your vision. As a UNIT, your job is then that much easier and more fun.

Aquarius of the Week: Ray Manzarek

Hey fish, where are you getting the most respect? The more time you spend there, the more easily all the "pieces" of you and your life can come together. Whenever you're being put on a pedestal, stick around. You don't have to make any permanent decisions right now, but just keep trusting in what is feeding you, and then give right back to it. Eliminating what energy you place into systems which continue to produce only garbage while cultivating those that offer the healthy opposite lets you THRIVE.

Pisces of the Week: Burning Spear