Week of October 23, 2008

Rome was not built in a day, rams. Nor can your desires be instantly achieved by the snap of your finger, no matter how appealing you are. Proper breathing is essential when swimming through denser waters. This week: stay present and take your time. That's how you may conquer the last of your fears. Concentrate so that you may take graceful control over those subtle but powerful barriers to securing your dreams/success.

Aries of the Week: Keira Knightley

Cough it up, bulls. Your secrets, I mean! Surrender in the season of your scorpio nemesis/partner who facilitates change. Chances are you will feel totally relieved once you bring your innermost pain to light. Revealing your truths clears an instant pathway to your mental, creative, and physical transformation. Say what is on your mind and in your heart in order to make an immediate switch from dark and heavy to light and ethereal.

Taurus of the Week: James L. Brooks

As painful as the word NO may sound to you, it is currently food for your soul, medicine for your aching spirit. Whatever lack of enthusiasm you come across is only meant to trick you into pausing long enough to get the proper rest, something you are historically unlikely to do on your own and typically fight/avoid when faced with the opportunity. Nevertheless, it is only in that space that you may fully recharge/refocus enough that when your adventure resumes, you may go about it scrupulously.

Gemini of the Week: Siousxie Sioux

It's important to solve the mystery this week. Specifically, make all efforts to discover the truth of your feelings, unveil the real reason behind your actions, and finally be vigiliant about acknowledging any areas of senstivity, vulnerability, or woundedness. Be pragmatic in your attempt to understand the true nature of what is happening inside and around you. Distance yourself enough from the events taking place that you may most clearly see. Your enlightenement is key to making a smooth transition.

Cancer of the Week: Clarence Thomas

It is more important than ever before to maintain a fresh attitude. You don't have to do things the way they've always been done. PLUS you aren't required to keep score. Instead, make those bolder and bigger choices that are based on your own ideas and passions for something great. Your friends and family will follow your lead, regardless of the risk involved, because they are hungry for the inspiration. Just believe in what you wish for with your whole heart.

Leo of the Week: Ramblin Jack Elliot

One of my fav. bands- the Akron Family- says it best: "Go out and love, love love every-one." That reminds me of you and your secret powers, virgo. Now that you've re-discovered your simple strengths, you are scheduled for a creative/psychedelic revival. The more you act on your heart, the more of that magic's available to ya, you dig?

Virgo of the Week: the smurfs

There is no cause for fear. You have all the knowledge and practice you need to act in a way that guarantees success. Your methods are most literally tried and true. Conquer any potentially paralyzing paranoia by being a bold and pro-active boss. Let your confidence and pure energy over-ride your "concerns".

Libra of the Week: Juan Peron

It's time to clean out your house of Karma. This is also just a way of getting you in the mood for fun and celebration, scorp. Give for no appartent reason this week and express yourself most lavishly. Offer more than what you've got so that you may leap ahead past loss and separation. Be particularly bold in matters of the heart. Let there be no existing walls between you and those you love most.

Scorpio of the Week: Joseph Biden

Here's the deal: the more you "hold on", the more pain you are certain to feel. Instead, the astral guides suggest you take a step back, relinquishing control and desire. Detachment is required in order for you to remain fully inspired and alive. Practice letting go now, (mainly so that the less gentle fates don't come along and do it for you)

Sagitarius of the Week: Bill Bryson

STOP! It's time to level with yourself and the skeletons in your closet. That's the only way around them. Transform your angst by first acknowledging it. Identify and observe your own resistance so that you can nail your fears to the wall, hold them up to the light, take a good look at what's haunting you. Go in deep enough that you may extract those ghosts that are buried deep, hiding within. Then say goodbye and good riddens.

Capricorn of the Week: Paul Cezanne

Partnership is not the enemy, although it may have felt like it in the past. You are clever and wise enough to avoid wearing any chains around your neck. Command your fears this week. Assure your higher self that receiving the gifts of love, friendship and family-hood will only enhance your spirit, tie you up in a good way, challenge you enough to bring you down to the friendly earth, dude.

Aquarius of the Week: Blind Wille Johnson

Life is sure to present you fish with a little bit of everything this week. My advice is to take every bit of it for what it's worth. Within the challenge there is opportunity, and a chance for you to seize power. Amidst the more placid moments there is a time for you to re-group, hang out, and unwind. Remain flexible enough that you may receive the benefits of it ALL.

Pisces of the Week: "John Cale