Week of October 16, 2008

Are you having fun yet, rams? Well this is just a warm-up, something to get your feet wet. This week, the fun could double or even triple. Things are scheduled to take a dramatic turn, for the better, of course, but you won't know what I mean unless you are willing to JUMP.

Aries of the Week: Mick Abrahams

Exhibit your strength, bulls. Don't hold back now. Use all your resources, talent, clairvoyance, willpower, and muscle to see your plans through. Don't rest until you feel that your efforts are clearly understood, at least from your own perspective, which is what the crowds are literally starving for. It would be as much of a relief to yourself as it is to your beggars to give it to 'em straight.

Taurus of the Week: Anton Furst

The plot thickens. Before you hurry to any conclusions, follow the story through to the end. It is bound to grow light, then dark, then light again, and so on and so forth. Wait as long as necessary until you secure ALL the details. You will need them in order to fully grasp the subtle truths and accurately interpret deeper meaning.

Gemini of the Week: Andre 3000

I'm typically not one to recommend or endorse the use of a to-do list, but I can't deny that it would aid you crabs this week. There is a lot to accomplish, and much to consider. The future is dependent on you getting it together right now, cancer. You are therefore advised to be as ruthless in securing the time and space to make this happen as you are disciplined enough to meet your daily goals.

Cancer of the Week: The first "Rainbow gathering"

You're an excellent leader, a born commander-in-chief. You're supremely good at giving out orders, and group dynamics is your specialty. The stars suggest that your skills would be further enhanced by what time you spend : meditating, making love, hanging out with your friends, and being playful. All of these less rigid activities work to strengthen your presidential abilities, specifically enhancing your focus and endurance and more importantly reminding you of the basic spiritual reason behind the "rules."

Leo of the Week: the first Steamboat

Don't walk right back into the same trap, virgo. You just got out of there! Make a u-turn. You have most recently cultivated the power you need to avoid prison altogether. Make no hesitation to swerve right around any blockade. Concentrate until you feel you are ready to cruise. But don't over-analyze. There is no need to think twice about what you already know.

Virgo of the Week: Pink

Secure the infinity of your dreams by making movements which are constant but precise. Be patient enough to make the right connections and pushy enough to keep things moving. To manifest your desire and/or meet your fate, you must only remain open and willing to work. Practice juggling your own gifts with what others have to offer. Eventually you will strike a resounding cord.

Libra of the Week: Metallica

Yo princes, your lady- in- waiting is on her way. Queens, your knights are headed towards you. You aren't getting any younger, scorpio. That's especially true as your birthday season approaches. Spend your precious days with the ones you love, worship, admire, respect, and appreciate the most. Why not?

Scorpio of the Week: Petula Clark

You're getting closer, hot-shot. Don't worry if you don't make the mark right away. This is no easy target. Keep practicing, but even better stay in the know. The more information you secure, the more enlightened you may become, which adds aim to your natural instincts, improving the chance that you get the exact thing you are looking for, as opposed to a generic look-alike...

Sagitarius of the Week: Joshua Bell

Things are thankfully totally out of your control this week. You cannot prevent or alter the circumstances from taking their natural course. But you CAN do one of the following: grab a front row seat, dance along, take a nap, etc. I predict that however you decide to be "off-duty", a feeling of deep, orgasmic relief will simultaneously wash over you.

Capricorn of the Week: Anne Bronte

Who knew life could be so good? Oh, that's right, YOU did. That's not hard to believe with eyes as sharp and omniscent as yours. Continue to set high your sights, water bearer. Laugh openly while you refuse anything but the best, just to show how giddily certain you are that this is the only secret to obtaining that.

Aquarius of the Week: "The doors" self titled album

Watch and learn, fish. Model yourself and your behavior after those people, systems, traditions and styles that you most admire and believe in. That's the simplest and most effective way of figuring your way out of any "mazes."

Pisces of the Week: "Fargo"