Week of September 25, 2008

Show your love, rams. Make a commitment to achieving your desires, a pledge of allegiance to your wishes. How will you woo the object of your interests? Be creative and unique in your persuasion. Show no fear in your eyes, words, or movements. Make no false promises, but do lay full claim to your heart.

Aries of the Week: Stephen Douglas

You're an excellent farmer. You'll find out what I mean soon, when some of your crops are finally ripe. Be ready to fully ingest the fruit of your labor. It possesses the medicine you need to restore your senses. Allow the power of your harvest to totally revive you. Eat of it until you feel better.

Taurus of the Week: Niccolo Machiavelli

This week Im living in the Golden state of California, where everything shines. It reminds me of your own crystal self, the way it sparkles and glows in any light. Similarly, your own spirit is just as phosphorescent, appearing as colorful as a rainbow, the ancient symbol of the fulfillment of dreams, the promise of love, and the triumph of art.

Gemini of the Week: "The Three Little Pigs"

Keep your schedule open, crabs. That's so you can receive some cool give-away prizes from the universe! Stay available! Soon to be delivered is some extra love, recognition, healing and good times. Keep one eye open, hand extended, taking specific note of the source...

Cancer of the Week: The Hollywood Bowl

Take it all the way lions! But also accept what progress you make in a day! Be as focused on achieving total bliss as you are satisfied with what strides you make. This type of humble stance is currently the trick to eventually landing your prey, little by little- (which is more like baiting it...)

Leo of the Week: South Park

Tattoo the words "tell the truth" somewhere on your bodice where you can plainly see it. That will help you remember the secret to your impending success. What makes you different/cooler than the rest is your straight-shooting attitude. Remember that it isn't HOW you go about being genuine, but rather just that you do. Therefore stay willing to make linguistic compromises.

Virgo of the Week: Marco Polo

Don't count your chickens before they hatch! But you SHOULD make up cute and interesting names for them. That's the perfect way to take creative control. Visualize the hatched eggs, with no regard for their value. Rather, focus on their upcoming beauty, style, and appeal...

Libra of the Week: Gloria Swanson

Remain impartial. That's how you can do your best healing/seeing. Stay poised in an objective position so that you can first determine all the mini details. With one foot in and one out, you may scrutinize as well as intuit, both of which are now essential to solving this week's mystery puzzle...

Scorpio of the Week: Take Back the Night march

The solution can be found only once the right question is posed. And you are just the perfect archer to do it! With your killer aim as well as your fastly beating heart, you may swiftly nail the target with your curious arrow, guided by the clear instinct that is raging through your heart.

Sagitarius of the Week: Atari

Gather all the information first. Whether news is sad, bad, good, or irrelevant, you'll need to sift through all of it before you can make any decisions. Once you have as much of the story assembled as possible, you can then begin to : navigate, delegate, instigate, propagate...

Capricorn of the Week: "Wheel Of Fortune"

Water bearer you are the ideal spokesperson for a future world. Your vision for a new age cannot and should not be told often enough. The more the crowds can hear and see of it, the more likely it will start to sink in-you, us, them, on a fantasy cruise ship. Even if and when the waters are rough, the destination remains in clear view- greener, more peaceful pastures, where we all play openly, with no fear of harm.

Aquarius of the Week: Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours"

You possess the ability to heal the masses this week, fish. To do so, you'll have to surrender to what feelings threaten to overtake you. Follow them blindly and let the wisdom and love of the ancients move through you. Let the spirits instruct you on how to most efficiently go about taking care of your universe. Pay close mental and emotional attention to everything that's happening...

Pisces of the Week: The Rocky Horror Picture Show