Week of September 11, 2008

Love 'til it hurts. If you aren't begging for more, continue to seek adventure. Proceed directly to the flaming center of your agony. The arousal of such passion brings you back to the simple core of your being, where you feel most certain and ALIVE.

Aries of the Week: Debbie Reynolds

Don't worry about what you'll "lose". Instead: give it all up willingly. Say your last goodbyes and be swiftly on your way. Abandon excessive baggage. Bring only what is essential as you journey upward. The less weight you carry, the easier it is to float on.

Taurus of the Week: The first quadrophonic rock concert (given by Pink Floyd)

Gemini for president! You have enough understanding of the entire situation so that we may entrust you with such power /entitlement. Now do what every good and wise candidate would-talk with your voters and cabinet- hear what they are saying, learn what they need, be a witness of, by, and for them.

Gemini of the Week: M.C. Ren

Grab a hold of your partner(s). Without him/her, it'll be a lonelier and more boring ride for sure. Acknowledge your most individual needs and exact desires. Anchor yourself to those that meet them, offering your best love in return. Striking this specific balance restores your spirit to its most original bounce.

Cancer of the Week: Revenge of the nerds

There's an eagle in your soul- but it may be sleeping. Hop around, shake things up until you wake it up. Then reassure this bird of supreme flight that you mean to set it free. Dance around with her/him until they are properly convinced of their impending liberty.

Leo of the Week: "American Graffiti"

The answer is, literally, blowing in the wind. So are certain other-worldly strengths and super-human powers you are currently in need of. So stay available of body, mind, spirit. Let the heavens pull your insides on a string. Listen close to the poignant cries and soft whispers of the kingdom, so that you may later repeat them word for beautiful word.

Virgo of the Week: Fiestas de Santa Fe

You are a representative of the WORLD, an esteemed and humble diplomat, a cutting edge philosopher, an international friend, and a global warrior, constantly struggling for everyone's right to be equally represented. Do your best then to consider all sides of the coin, and better still, integrate such total perspective into your own lifestyling.

Libra of the Week: Carrie Fisher

Skip right to the heart of matters, specifically by pursuing the snap, crackles and pops that you hear and feel. Let those lead you directly into the mouth of whatever wolf. Once there, you can just mold this beast to suit your agenda. Such manipulation is your forte- a skill you need not be hesitant to employ-especially when it's in the best interest of everyone involved.

Scorpio of the Week: Sasha Cohen

The solution lies in the challenge itself of working it all out. Gather your own inventions. Then: Bring what you've got to the larger forum, with a willingness to assimilate new ideas/materials. Together, you are soon to all reach an shining new end/beginning point.

Sagitarius of the Week: "You're so Vain"

The good times aren't as distant as you may think. To get there, remain flexible enough to walk through the narrow passage. Open hearted-ness is all you need to usher in the good vibes. Bring your easy love with you to any setting and the scene adapts smoothly to YOU, letting your steady sweetness determine the mood and atmosphere, and not the other way around.

Capricorn of the Week: Corey Haim

Examine your surroundings please. Your friends and loved ones are in need of your keen observation and articulate tongue. Wherever you open your eyes, and later your lips, the air can be properly cleared, making room for a new frontier, one which makes more universal sense and yet maintains plenty of room for the pure creative expression of each individual.

Aquarius of the Week: Bridget Fonda

Play by simple rules this week. Don't swallow any poison. Let no hurtful words or actions into your being. Finally- consider yourself officially not responsible for the behavior of others. The only thing you are accountable for are your own miraculous choices.

Pisces of the Week: Golda Meir takes office as the first female prime minister of Israel