Week of September 4, 2008

First take time to identify old, stiff patterns. Examine the past so that you can be sure of what to leave behind, and of what fresh ingredients you should add to ensure a brighter future. Then, bring your most novel idea to the table. Drop your style the way a gentleman tips their hat to the lady they love. Offer your best, simplest game as a symbol of your eager, sure heart.

Aries of the Week: Thomas Hobbes

Stay poised. After all your labor comes...CHANGE! You've been waiting for a certain crop to bear! Hooray! This is the result of all your focus and effort-a chance at new life! Communicate your readiness for it clearly and consistently to facilitate it's swift and complete birth.

Taurus of the Week: Billy Joel

Focus is the key. The more present you remain, the easier it is to produce. Staying on task unleashes the breadth of your creative fires. Gathering specific wisdom is the right preparation for a full revelation of your being. Take what healing is offered in the interim. This support keeps your movements free and your communication pure.

Gemini of the Week: Derek Trucks

Black cats have nine lives, remember? So just jump! You're as stealthy and smooth as any feline so you'll probably just land on your feet anyway! Then you can just continue on, prowling through the night, on the hunt for dinner/romance.

Cancer of the Week: Red Skeleton

To travel most directly to more peaceful shores, where you may lick your wounds and replenish your energy- go limp. Let someone else of equal power and pure intention ferry you across the river. Let go of control in exchange for fresh air. In a state of temporary detachment, you may restore your breath, letting everything come back together again...

Leo of the Week: Sally Struthers

Keep moving, riding, flying, swimming etc. Go on until we can't see you anymore. Leave the places you know of fully behind. Get lost in new, "unfamiliar" territory. Dance with other worlds. This will remind you that what is happening here is happening at home and everywhere. The moment is universal. It looks and acts the same behind every door.

Virgo of the Week: Mamma Kass

You can't turn back time. But you CAN swiftly move ahead to greener pastures. All you must do is submit to the gravitational forces. Don't care too much if it breaks your heart. It will also cut all un-necessary strings and conquer most fully your own doubts. Submit gladly to who/what is overpowering you. As you do so, obstacles dissolve.

Libra of the Week: Thomas Nast

What's that bear inside of you, roaring with fervor? Surprise! It's nothing but a goldrush of hip-hop/ joy! If you stop long enough to get in touch with its rhythm, you go from spreading violence to spewing sweetness. Take a moment to acknowledge what growth has taken place. Then you are less hesitant to show it off/put it to work.

Scorpio of the Week: Roy Lichtenstein

An "oracle" is a response given by a deity to a medium in a sacred place. In ancient Greece, such pronouncements were made by the Pythian priestesses in a "state of frenzy" and were later interpreted by the priests. Follow the spirit of your own poetry this week archers. Speak, paint, move, in tongues. Leave the translation up to others.

Sagitarius of the Week: Paul Klee

You once were lost but now are found. Everyone else was blind. Now they see. So let's keep it this way. Give the audience what they want-the rawest, most sincere version of you. Show where you are tough as nails and also where you are soft as snow. Tell the whole story please.

Capricorn of the Week: Diane Von Furstenburg

You're always the first one to know. Whether it's a storm or a parade on its way, your sharp vision always catches the initial glimpse. As a certain force approaches us all, begin dancing. Greet the power of change, regardless of what form it takes- with open arms. Celebrate openly what opportunity it offers, even if temporarily ungrounding. Let others follow your merry lead.

Aquarius of the Week: Robert Altman

Don't beat around any bushes this week fish. You are perfectly aware of the way that fear will only stall the process. You are also totally enlightened about what ISN'T true. Therefore make no hesitation in moving directly past such confusion. Prove by way of song and dance that harmony is the answer, no matter what the question.

Pisces of the Week: "Misery is a Butterfly"