Week of August 28, 2008

It seems you've "done" all you can; applied your energy where and when it was necessary, remained motivated to keep moving forward. That effort has brought you to the precipice of a new frontier. What lays before you are the possibilities of supportive partnership. It's a future concept- an idea of home which requires much less personal vigilance than before.

Aries of the Week: "Beetlejuice"

All your hard work is JUST about to pay off. To ensure that things fully bloom, pour all of your love into the mix now. Personal discipline can only take things so far. To bring a certain fruit to bear, play around. You've exhausted your "plans". The rest is manifested via improv.

Taurus of the Week: Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde"

Getting EXACTLY what you want will require some work this week. You'll have to: keep your eye on the ball, remain super agile, and stay extra present. When the moment is right, make your best, most sincere offer, one that is so sweet and genuine, no one would likely refuse.

Gemini of the Week: Stevie Nicks

In your private quarters, you've been working long hours. This time and space has provided the opportunity to resolve certain matters of the past. Now that you've cured those deep wounds, you can re-enter into meaningful relationships, something you most enjoy and are particularly good at...

Cancer of the Week: The Nation

To gain access to what you "want", follow your instinct. To provide the opportunity to most freely enjoy it, set it free. The less power you aim to have over the thing you love most, the more constant access you'll have. The more you roll with it, the more it will roll with you. The less control you seek, the more opportunity you gain to experience this in its purest, most inspiring form.

Leo of the Week: James Cameron

Use your eagle eye. Listen to the voice that urges you forward. Follow the clear signs, unconcerned with where they lead. Walk through the doors that are flashing red. They will take you to the open spaces, which allow the old parts of you to die most peacefully, and give what's new a proper clean slate.

Virgo of the Week: "Dirty Dancing"

It's the right time to make important choices. Your full awareness now provides the chance to take risks. Go towards the light with total authority. As long as your decisions are heart-felt, no change is too great. Remain steadfast in your willingness to leave what is stale swiftly behind, all for the sake of growth, fertility, and humanity.

Libra of the Week: Chubby Checker

Trade power for magic/ control for peace. Leave behind old patterns, stifling habits, and useless methods. There is currently nothing preventing you from moving on from such obstacles other than your own hesitation. Use your killer instinct to end self-defeating cycles. Notice the release in pressure, inwardly and out.

Scorpio of the Week: "A room of One's Own"

To learn the full truth, and discover the nature of the complete design, you'll have to temporarily suspend your own desire. All wishes are scheduled to be granted for you this week. But on the universe's own clock, archers. So forget about it, and just be joyful. Start celebrating- to prove your total faith in those greater forces.

Sagitarius of the Week: Kristy Swanson

Your best move is also the most extreme one this week. That's good practice for you. To make such steps towards certain change requires a continued confidence as well as a release of all fear. With a spirit of optimism and a quiet resolve, do what the situation now creatively begs of you.

Capricorn of the Week: The Cat in the Hat

Do your serious work alone this week. Take care of all "business" on your own personal time. Then when the moment comes to present yourself, be as passionate as you are flippant. Your certainty permits creative liberty. You may spread the magic, while keeping your secrets well intact.

Aquarius of the Week: Aaliyah

Every time you offer your pure self, all the "walls" will come tumbling down. Whenever you give completely, all loss is miraculously recovered. Wherever you most fully participate, balance is restored. Consider and picture those images. Ponder the possibilities...

Pisces of the Week: Karen Carpenter