Week of August 21, 2008

Tip-toe back to a state of innocence, away from battle. When you arrive at the "door", walk right in. There is no need to beg for entry into the house of peace . Once inside, bathe yourself in the pure light, known to inspire things like: jump-roping, hand-clapping, gum chomping, play-acting, rock n rolling...

Aries of the Week: Anabella Sciorra

You're back. It isn't surprising how much warmth you are greeted with upon your arrival. What the crowds could never guess, though is how much of your own zest and appeal you bring with you this time around. You are smokin guns, in fact. Your recent journeys/discoveries have set your heart ablaze. Now just look at you gooooooo.

Taurus of the Week: Calamity Jane

You WON'T die of loneliness, my friend. Rid yourself of that doubt this week. Instead: collaborate. Copulate with others as frequently as possible. Be indiscriminate while you continue to fertilize. For the maximum development of opportunity, go to even deeper levels with those you trust. Travel with them to other worlds...

Gemini of the Week: Blues Brothers the movie

Practice letting go of what you love the most. Not only will this provide the opportunity to experience the new life that follows, but it also : feeds your power, and serves as an example to all those around you. Stay relaxed/casual in the face of loss. Remain in this position until abundance reveals itself. Show that with a little bit of patience and a whole lot of faith, flowers do bloom.

Cancer of the Week: Rose Kennedy

There is no time to waste. Raise your glass. Make a toast as a symbol of your allegiance and as a way to initiate celebration. Shamelessly, with zero subtlety or reluctance, exhibit gratitude for what feeds you. Such actions will tend to lessen anxiety, dissipate frustration and grant further wishes.

Leo of the Week: Meriwether Lewis

You are always capable of making critical choices. And usually you know just what to do on your own. But even the sharpest analysts among you sometimes need to seek outside consultation. This is one example of a period where the support and wisdom of others is essential to current as well as future success. Specifically, let them assist you in making those necessary cuts/steps which your own level of attachment may prevent you from properly and swiftly doing.

Virgo of the Week: Charlie's Angels

There will be plenty of opportunity this week for you to insert your artistic point of view. You won't need instructions on being innovative or ingeneous. You'll just need to remember all the various forms of media available to you. Leave no potential art-form out of your exhibition. Integrate comedy with drama, weave philosophy with romance. Blend the real with the sublime. Mix opposing strengths together to most effectively introduce your novel methods.

Libra of the Week: Barbara Walters

You work around the clock, which is why you're ahead of the rest in many ways. This week, though, in order to proceed, you'll have to slow down. Access to specific detail is necessary to travel past particularly dense smoke and specifically tricky mirrors. Focus is required to enter the "gates". Eliminate excess to ensure visibility. Leave worry behind. The lighter your head, the easier it'll be to float right over and past such opposition.

Scorpio of the Week: Joanna Newsom's "Ys"

Forget where you came from. What's important now is only where you are going. Keep in mind that you've always had an inside tip on the new world. You are, after all, the wandering gypsy, the curious philosopher, the fearless hunter. You have spent enough time in pursuit of enlightenment to recognize it's qualities. To cross the bridge to it, just keep on believing what you see.

Sagitarius of the Week: Duane Allman

Pretense is neither necessary nor required. Your absolute presence of body, mind and spirit is all the approach needed. Within your very nature, there is total wisdom and simple faith. Stick to what is currently relevant so that you and your loved ones can be free of past ghosts. Be steadfast in your intentions and surrender most fully to your goals, gently marching towards them, gracefully weaving their design.

Capricorn of the Week: Louise Bourgeois

I see you have a golden seed in your possession. The omens suggest that it isn't so much WHAT to do with it as HOW. Turn your focus to fashion. Discover, this week, the way to wear your shine in a manner that everyone may benefit from its good news. Here are some ideas: skip around happily, openly revealing your anticipation of the bright future, hum to yourself peacefully, signaling your acceptance of the risk involved, and show total respect for your own expression to symbolize it's precious nature.

Aquarius of the Week: "Baduizm"

Fish, you are safe. Now that you are in good hands, you are allowed time to: rest, dream, play, re-consider what you're worth, and build towards a happier, more secure future. In the meantime, seize the pleasure. Use what fertile ground is being offered to cultivate stamina, gather self-love and re-establish your personal authority. Reflect upon your soul to fully remember it's value.

Pisces of the Week: Andrew Jackson