Week of August 14, 2008

Don't hesitate, rams.  The moment you've been waiting for has arrived.  The only thing left to do then is embrace the inspiring nature of the magic at hand.  Continue to speak and act from your heart.  Move on instinct.  Travel according to your desire...

Aries of the Week: Tracy Chapman

Don't sweat it this week bulls. Take care of business as usual. Love and harmony will come easy when you are true to your style. Cling peacefully to your intentions, as a display of your trust and acceptance. Act on the behalf of your faith. Tension will soon dissolve.

Taurus of the Week: Coretta Scott King

Be obvious. That's how you'll communicate the seriousness of your wishes as well as get what you want. Be clear and ruthless in your exhibition. Go to whatever lengths necessary to achieve your vision's end. Use shameless expression as a way to overpower the obstacles.

Gemini of the Week: Faith Evans

It's up to YOU to get the party started, crabs. Take a hold of the reigns. You currently know exactly what to do. Be flexible but relentless in your efforts. You have what strength and insight is required to properly mend things. Seize the opportunity to bridge the gap. Drive right over the shattered pieces, towards a new frontier.

Cancer of the Week: Lil' Kim

You can't be stopped this week, lion/esses. There is no end to your wilderness now. Whatever you do, don't get angry. Get LOUD. Stir things up whenever you can, show your teeth/skin, and take off all un-necessary clothing. Drown out the restrictions as you unleash your party/passion.

Leo of the Week: Lady Miss Kier

Stay genuine, even if it's naughty. Be honest, even if you don't fit in. Be yourself despite what variables are working against you. These are the necessary steps towards your own personal peace and satisfaction. Sleep easy and wake up refreshed by doing what you want to.

Virgo of the Week: Foxy Brown

Who do you cherish? Let it be known. Honor their being in the ways that you are able. Recognize the support that you are being given and sing its praises. The more openly you acknowledge what partnership is there, the further you cultivate its strength...

Libra of the Week: Ani DiFranco

Recline. Get caught in a sticky web. Let the matrix close you in. Working your way out of whatever maze is a process filled with invaluable learning opportunity. Who/what holds the key? Discover that now so that when you arrive at the future doors of adventure and romance, you know how to smoothly breeze through.

Scorpio of the Week: Eve of Destruction

As usual, your spirit is craving the novelty of adventure. As you stalk the streets, be willing to stop and stay awhile should you come across any spots that interest you. Remain there long enough to soak in the information/inspiration. Let it deeply nourish you...

Sagitarius of the Week: Bjork

When it comes to doing what is right, there is no one else to look to. This week you will have the chance to step directly up onto a platform. Take a moment to appreciate and respect what power you are given. Then, be candid. With all your love and concentration, give others what they need, distinct from what they want. The results are glorious.

Capricorn of the Week: Mary J Blige

"Hypostasis" is defined as: the substantial essence of things as distinguished from their attributes. May your genius now become most intimate with the raw elements . May the sharpness of your vision see past the physical into the meta-physical. May you understand and become one with the "fairy-tale", which retains its place beyond what can be written, seen or touched, but only glimpsed, like the shine of stars..

Aquarius of the Week: Alicia Keys

Osani is a game played by pygmy children. Everyone sits in a circle with their feet touching, taking turns to name objects which are round such as the sun and then to name figurative expressions of round such as the cycle of the moon. Players are eliminated from the circle as they fail to come up with a term, leaving eventually only one person/winner. Tradition declares that this child will live a long and prosperous life. I'm positive you fish would conquer all if you were to participate in a challenge such as this. You'd clearly be the champ.

Pisces of the Week: Chaka Khan