Week of August 7, 2008

What goes around comes around, rams. Especially this week. Just keep that in mind when making any **requests. Such needs/desires will most likely be met after making a specific offering. The value of what you receive'll be in direct proportion to the worth of what you are willing to sacrifice...

Aries of the Week: the marriage of Pocahantas to John Rolfe

A cleanse is in order this week! To facilitate the process, stay open to foreign stimuli. The less accustomed you are to what is being offered, the more certain you can be that it will provide: balance, comedy, novelty, and illumination- all of which are currently pertinent to your personal healing.

Taurus of the Week: Chow Yun Fat

Practice pith and daring this week. Speak boldly and to the point, especially regarding matters of the heart. The more concise/audacious you are, the sooner you'll round the corner of your bliss, which has been patiently awaiting your arrival, gracefully enduring the time it takes you to show up...

Gemini of the Week: Pancho Villa

You're a winner every time this week. You couldn't fail if you tried! Take advantage of your status! Use your achievements as a platform for your ideas. As long as all eyes are fastened upon you, share your secret recipes, maneuvers, beliefs, anecdotes, etc..

Cancer of the Week: Carson Daly

You're the life of the party. That's nothing new. But in honor of your birthday season, the omens are urging you to figure out exactly who/what is most likely to enhance your shine. Review the company you keep and the places you frequent. Make sure your personal crew and private hang-outs are an extension/reflection of your inner light.

Leo of the Week: "Face on Mars" photograph

Listen and participate. The answers to your questions are embedded deep within the everyday framework. To better access any buried solutions, remain flexible and interactive. Engage directly with other humans, willing to be provoked and aroused. The more feelings that are stirred, the greater the perspective incurred, leading to lucid understanding...

Virgo of the Week: Fiona Apple

Do what you must this week scales. You are more certain than ever of what that means. Seize the opportunity of your awareness. BTW: Luck is on your side each and every time you: roll the dice, lead with your heart, display nobility, take artistic authority...

Libra of the Week: H.G. Wells

Warning: some of your best friends/family members may need help catching up on your latest look. Help them out why dontcha, by directly confronting the ignorance? Use your powers of focus and penetration to dispel all rumors and eliminate all past debris. That will aid them in catching a more accurate glimpse of the new you-an image more comfortable than ever with its sass and verve.

Scorpio of the Week: "The Last Emperor"

Congratulations archer! You deserve whatever accolades you receive this week! Assume the applause in your most humble but righteous manner. With poise and flavor, may you then further cultivate the support you're being given. Whatever abundance comes your way, hand it off. It's good karma/style.

Sagitarius of the Week: "Man of La Mancha"

I hope you get really high this week goats. Cruise to new altitudes; Surround yourself with those people, places and things which shake the ground you stand on; Travel wide in order to gain perspective; Ascend vast mountains to enhance your vision.

Capricorn of the Week: "Happy Days"

I have never received any formal "psychic" training. Neither did I gather much support when I decided to become a professional channel. Luckily, my career house happened to fall in Aquarius, the sign which disregards conventional standard and opinion with ease, in service instead to the higher order. This week you'll feel just as blessed to be you despite whatever challenge involved. You'd never be able to tolerate such an ordinary existence. (blah blah blaaaaaah)

Aquarius of the Week: Rick James

I hate to burst your bubble. But then again, I think it could only help you right now. An alarming wake up call, in whatever form, seems like just the perfect antidote for the fish. In honor of that wish, may the seas take you away. I pray that you never return to life as you know it. May you naught again know the confines of the glass bowl you have most recently escaped. Swim freely now, in and out of ocean tides, every color at your infinite disposal...

Pisces of the Week: American Indian Movement protest at Wounded Knee