Week of July 31, 2008

Rams never quit. They are constantly pushing the envelope. But now's an ideal moment to retreat and reflect. This allows access to all the love, wisdom and psychedelia available... Such gifts will provide vision for jumping and fuel for carrying on..

Aries of the Week: Any Sedaris

Stay cool. Making a stab in the dark is not necessary when you have all the information at your disposal. Bulls you now have in your midst what pieces you need to solve the puzzle. Make time to gather and assemble the parts.

Taurus of the Week: Harvey Milk

Clutter be gone! Eliminate fog while you strip things down. The more essential your lifestyle, the sharper your vision. Create the space needed for deciphering. A clearer translation will ensure a smoother flight.

Gemini of the Week: Brian Wilson

According to the astral archives, you are the ruler of the new dawn. Your heart apparently reigns for at least an eternity. Receive your crown with no reservation. Be at home on your endless throne. Let the kingdom adorn/adore you at last.

Cancer of the Week: "Ghost"

To heal, your spirit needs the wilderness. To move forward, strong winds are recommended. To remain enthused, pursue the mystery. For the purpose of enlightenment, chill way out. And to stay well enough to get your full game on, stock up on daily provisions.

Leo of the Week: the potato

You've done the research. You've gathered all the resources and have meticulously tested your methods. You've kept your hands and your work space pure... Before the final product hits the "market", take pride in what you've harvested. Rejoice in the personal success of your love's labor.

Virgo of the Week: Jonathan Kozol

Your star potential is above and beyond what is typical. When you turn on your lights, the crowd spins... This week, the heavens indicate that it's the right time to make a full comeback. Reveal your fierce brightness, in whatever scenario...

Libra of the Week: "JEM"

Hold still-so that you are able to receive; Pause long enough in your spiralling dance to get a full perspective. Lean in closer to receive love and secret knowledge. As pressure is dispelled, motion may resume.

Scorpio of the Week: Ben Harper

Did you feel those tremors? That's just YOU, clearing your throat, getting ready to speak up and out. Thanks for the warning! Keep going! The world is in desperate need of your passionate song. Let it burst out, bubble up, and bOOm.

Sagitarius of the Week: the NY Philharmomic Orchestra

Building stable homes is back-breaking work. It requires continuous compromise, surveying of the land, and awareness of the environment- just the right job for goats. Cling to success both big and small while you labor. Use it to continue edifying your system.

Capricorn of the Week: Morse Code

It's a clean slate. ..and You worked extra hard for it. You therefore reserve the right to do what you want with it. You'll decide how to fill the open space. Until then, keep the fertile ground neutral. Retain your most humane stance, ever objective, diplomatic, tolerant and fair.

Aquarius of the Week: Yoko Ono

Wear your heart out upon your sleeve- to openly identify yourself and where you come from, and to incite peace and respect while you travel. Be at your most natural to gather players/lead the way.

Pisces of the Week: Grand Teton National Park