Week of July 24, 2008

What/who do you love most? Reveal this in your style. Let your every-day fashion be a maximum attempt at expressing your ideals. This week, your interests get specific and serious. (So you may need to spend extra time learning about them...)

Aries of the Week: Alan Wolf Arkin

If it looks good to you, make your best offer. If you just can't live without it, and absolutely need to take it home, make a trade. Attain what is most precious to you ONLY in exchange for what is most precious to you.

Taurus of the Week: Paula Abdul's "Spellbound"

Birds reportedly have unique respiratory and digestive systems which are highly adaptable for flight! You twins are similar in how you're always moving while processing. That's a handy super-power. But neither you nor your winged companions can accomplish rest in mid-air. (Un?)fortunately, you'll have to return to the nest for deeper nourishment.

Gemini of the Week: Sir Laurence Olivier

The goofier, the better. The more light-hearted/headed you stay, the easier it is to give what love you are longing to. There are no "rules", crabs::::Skip blithely to the meandering beats. You shall reach paradise.

Cancer of the Week: Lionel Ritchie

Let nothing interfere with your mirth, lions. Keep that grin plastered to your face. It's a way of constantly communicating what unshakable confidence you have in your success. You've never needed anyone to convince you of such glory in the past. You've always fully believed in what you're smiling about...

Leo of the Week: Sam Eliot

When everything falls apart, you're typically as cool as a cucumber. When epidemics occur, you are usually found standing calmly (if not eerily) outside of the chaos. This week, enjoy the chance to offer your ideas, in the form of wise solutions, secret recipes, and kitschy cures. Enjoy the process of spinning your personal and worldly wisdom in a manner that inspires, informs, entertains.

Virgo of the Week: "Run, Ronnie, Run"

If you should reach an objective this week, congratulations. You have done all the proper investigating, and have observed the scene with a great vigilance. Now you may begin to tell about it. Try coming up with a motto, to keep your focus. Hum this tune constantly to yourself, as a way of remembering what you aim to communicate.

Libra of the Week: "Family Ties"

Just lay in wait, scorpio. This will conserve your energy as well as secure your goal. Spend the days ahead lounging, favorite cocktail in hand. If you can't make it to the nearest beach, keep a low profile... Doing so satisfies your desire, addresses your intimate needs, enables opportunity.

Scorpio of the Week: Ciara

Just remember to keep moving this week. Because that's what life does. It makes turns, constantly, never truly stopping. Alternate time outs with time ins- so that you don't miss out on : the latest dance moves, news-briefs, ecstatic visions...

Sagitarius of the Week: Ben Stiller

First thing's first, goats. There is a sacred order to life, i.e. a logical sequence. Perform, with the help of those you trust and/or are inspired by, those sacred rites which honor the cycle of life. Give the dead a proper burial, and prepare for the coming of new creation, as the situation indicates.

Capricorn of the Week: Jam-Master Jay

While your latest revelations are still in utero, begin to initiate birth. Spend the last of this time : polishing your philosophy, play-acting your dream, and hunting down the necessary provisions. The more spiritually, intellectually, and logistically prepared you are, the smoother the task of setting the precedent.

Aquarius of the Week: Robert Wyatt

It's not important that you do a perfect or precise job, fish. Your authentic participation is all that is necessary. PLEASE feel at liberty to offer your own squiggling, giggling, jiggling.... Your instrumentation is highly unique and a totally vital contribution to the group.

Pisces of the Week: Michael Caine