Week of July 17, 2008

Rest your fires.  Pause for a momentary reflection.  The spirit of you is about to be felt.  The voice of you is about to be heard.  Clear your throat and collect your thoughts.  Take the time you need to do so.  The clearer your voice, the easier it will be to comprehend the seriousness of your heart.

Aries of the Week: Keira Knightly

You are so innately humble that even your victory can cease to make you gloat.  You are so dedicated to the earth that you may sometimes fail to take notice of the total success of your decision making.  The stars predict that if you can seize the glory of your patient, persistent, unconventional methods, you could also taste the joy of the magical results.

Taurus of the Week: Virgina Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway"

Usually, I must go to great lengths to find you.  But this week, you came to ME,   sweetly, light-heartedly, with an innocent bat of gentle eyelashes.  I won't keep you long because I know you need to keep roaming.  Before you go, I'll say it's nice to see you, if only for the fleeeting moment!  Rock on...

Gemini of the Week: Nikki Giovanni

Bells shall ring this week!  Every time you open your hearts most fully to the joy/pain of others, you'll hear them clashing, tinking, dinging.  They are heralding the celebration/ signaling the abundant beauty which is the final product of your enduring love.

Cancer of the Week: Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Just start talking.  Cry it, shout it, laugh it, spit it out.  Your only job is to keep the dialogue open and freely flowing.  If you can manage this alone, you and everyone else will commence to solving all mysteries, cracking all codes, unveiling all truths.

Leo of the Week: Jane Wyatt

The truth will not be readily available or easily disceerned this week.  It won't be handed to you in any direct manner.  Instead you will need to gather the strength required to embrace a new paradigm.  You'll need to rely on your deepest sense of tolerance.  This will help you to sacrifice dogma for the necessary innovation.

Virgo of the Week: Charlie Trotter

To challenge the strength of your posture, switch your routine.  By putting yourself in positions which are unpredictable/mysterious, you may learn how truly emotionally, mentally, creatively and spiritually fortified you are (or aren't, in which case you may continue to train/build)

Libra of the Week: Lil Wayne

Remain incommunicado.  It provides the space you need to glimpse the new horizon as well as receive it.  The more still you can stay in the inter-space, the more energy you may gather this week to face the powerful gift of new life, flourescent in color.

Scorpio of the Week: Guitar Hero

To rely on your instinct, you'll need first to remember where it comes from, i.e. the universe beyond.  Listen to the winds, waves, pops and crackles for instructions on where to seek your true allies.  Their truths will assist you, which will safely guide you in knowing where and when to take certain risks.

Sagitarius of the Week: Jane Austen

The full moon in your sign this week is a direct reflection of the authority you have worked so hard to achieve.  Take your time in assuming your total role as leader. From now on, it is your job to make best wishes, for yourself and those you love.  You are granted such powers with the full trust of the spiritual and earthly cosmos.

Capricorn of the Week: New Mexico

Bonds will be broken as well as formed, preserved as well as shattered.  To decipher what actions to take and not take, continue to strive for freedom.  May you sacrifice your attachment to the present, past and future in order to remain in full service to the potential of the moment.

Aquarius of the Week: "Pride and Prejudice"

Fishes, greet change, depsite it's power, with open arms.  As you grant it's force total freedom, what appears to be a threatning disaster may complete it's actual mission of cleansing, revivifying, empowering and grounding your space- in and out.

Pisces of the Week: Nina Simone